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Pokemon Go – Make New Friends

One of the task for “A Ripple In Time” Research is to make 3 new friends and I have already added close friends who are “still playing” (kind of)… so it came to me that maybe I should do a pokemon go friends list here. πŸ€”

In case it’s necessary to add more friends in future for future tasks.

I mean you can just google for new pokemon go friends too.

But since I can share my own trainer code here, feel free to add your own code in comments and I will add it on to the list, if anyone is reading this. 🀣

To add new friends, go to your profile. Click on Friends tab. Enter your friend’s trainer code.

This is the page. Enter the trainer code in the top where the blank is. Your personal trainer code to give to your friends is the 12 digits below.

My trainer code is: 8593 9195 9498

If you want to change your code, click on the bottom right arrow (beside copy trainer code) but remember once you change it, your old code can’t be used anymore.

Instead of typing in the code to add friends, you can also scan their QR code. Change to the QR code tab on top to do so,

This is my QR code.

I am not sure how long I will still be playing it but for now, I will be continuing so you can add me here.

Comment with your trainer name and trainer code if you want me to add you here. 😊

My trainer code: 8593 9195 9498

lynn5953: 7416 4899 2110

imtcy: 9477 2256 5422


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