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Fortune Wheel 2021-2022 – Chapters: Interactive Stories

Happy New Year!!! 🥳


There is a new Fortune Wheel where you can receive up to 1000 diamonds, or if you choose the 3X option, you can win up to 3000 diamonds.

It only runs from 31st December to 4th January 2022. Good luck spinning! 🍀

If you have no idea what it is, check out the Christmas Wheel post I shared earlier, which is the same thing.

I just saw someone who won 3k diamonds at the bottom list, where they listed the winners, though I have yet to win even 1k. 😂

Share with me if you did! 😊

If you are looking for the Chapters invitation code or invitation code link, this is mine.

Invitation Code: 20s3y430

You can also read the below post for more details, where you can leave your code to share with others too:

Chapters: Interactive Stories Invitation Code Post

Last but not least, you can find the latest Chapters Redemption Codes in the below post, where you can either get 5 diamonds or 2 tickets.

Chapters Redemption Codes

Enjoy the weekend! Have fun reading and celebrating! 📚🎉🍾

Stay safe!


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