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TADA Referral Code: QBABZW – $3 Ride Voucher Singapore

Are you using TADA, the ride hailing app yet? Use my TADA Referral Code: QBABZW for a $3 ride voucher to use for your first ride.

I have switched from Grab and Gojek to TADA for quite a while now because usually drivers are easier to get and during peak hours, TADA is usually cheaper or on par with Gojek.

Thus, if you want another choice to book your rides from, you can try TADA out.

TADA Referral Code: QBABZW

Using my referral code gives you SGD$3 to start your first ride.

The ride voucher will expire in 14 days from the day of issuance, so remember to use it before it expires.

I will also receive a $2 ride voucher.

It is what you will get if you invite your friends too.

Do note that the vouchers can’t be accumulated to use together. Each voucher is for one ride.

When you send an invitation to your friends or family through the app, this is what they will receive.

Signing up for a TADA account via and enjoy $3 OFF on your next TADA ride! Alternatively, you can key in your friend’s referral code below during the signup 🙂

Referral Code: QBABZW

TADA connects drivers and riders in its own way by taking “commission” out from the game. Without paying any commission, a driver is enabled to take home more of what he earns. This allows TADA riders to enjoy greater savings and makes the ride-hailing community a fairer and happier place!

This is like the longest chunk I have ever seen in a referral message before. 😂

TADA is simple to use and is very much like other ride hailing apps. One good thing is that it lets you book rides up to 7 days in advance. However, I haven’t tried that myself to comment much on it.

For payments, there is a small transaction fee for cashless payments. You can pay by cash, the usual credit or debit cards, Nets QR or OCBC Pay Anyone.

A Tip To Share:

Just a tip to you guys, if you sign up for TADA and use it often, you might want to buy TADA vouchers from Shopback.

The TADA vouchers that you purchase there gives you a certain percentage of cashback, depending on the promotion then. It’s usually quite a good amount. Then you can just input the voucher codes into your TADA account and use them as per usual.

The thing I like most about using the vouchers is that you can put in all the codes at a go, and just use them when you want. Meaning you don’t have to enter the code everytime you book a ride if you have already added them into your account.

Each voucher is for one ride so if you bought a $10 voucher, you can and may only use it for one ride. There won’t be refunds if your ride is less than $10.

This way, you can at least earn back a bit of cashback from your rides. Do note that the vouchers usually come with an expiry date and it is stated when you buy them. It’s usually quite a few months so if you use TADA often, you won’t have to worry about them expiring. 😊

If you don’t have Shopback yet, sign up with my Shopback Referral Code: 9PkpLq or just click on the link below to get $5 bonus cashback to start.

If you are interested to know about Shopback, you can read this post of mine:

Shopback Singapore Referral Code and Review

Enjoy your ride and savings~ 😉

Stay safe! 😷

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