One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

New Game – One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! ~ 01

Introduced the game previously and shared my friend id: 132259576 to this match-3 puzzle game by Bandai of the anime/ manga One Piece.

To know more about adding friends, read my previous post:

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! – Add Friends

This game is also like a battle card game because you get bon bons, and the characters you use have different stats like attack, recovery and hp, varying skills, trait effects and team link effects.

I am going to share my journey here while occasionally giving some tips of my own if I can. πŸ˜‰

This game is easy to understand as the tutorial covers everything relatively well while letting you try things out but to get through the game, you will still need to try and test things out yourself.

The login page shows news, data transfer (if you have already set it up, you can transfer with transfer id) and misc (settings, clear cache, terms and conditions etc). Tap screen to proceed.


You will first need to select your Puzzle Mode settings (can be changed anytime in misc). There are two types, one is the actual characters’ heads, the other is more bubbles like.

I chose the actual characters because it’s cuter but while playing, the bubbles might be easier to differentiate at a glance. I might switch to bubbles if I get bored of the previous selection.


Then you go through the story and meet Shanks.

Proceeding with your puzzle journey…


Until this part, which you have to pay attention because this is where you get to choose your first Bonbon (your first crew/ One Piece character).


Once you click on recruit, you get to do a gacha for free, and you can recruit again as many times as you like until you get the character that you want. You only get to choose ONCE so make sure it’s really the person that you want before you confirm the selection.

I got Zoro right from the start but as I wanted to see who else was available, I went through it over and over again till I received Zoro again. It was quite tiring as it’s totally random and you might get the same characters repeatedly. But it’s worthed it if you get who you want. πŸ˜‚

You can check out the characters I got below as a gauge of who is available but these might not be everything.


Roronoa Zoro:

(no idea why it’s Zolo here but I guess it’s because there is “no R” in japanese)

Tony Tony Chopper:





Nico Robin:


Ms. Wednesday:

(This was totally unexpected! So I believe there would actually be others like her.)




Finally I got Zoro again! Click on Keep This to keep the bonbon and proceed with the game.


Tutorial continues introducing you to Friends.


And you can see my friend id below. Add me! 😊


Then it’s about your Bonbons.


As you go through the story, you will encounter characters and receive them as a bonbon once you have finished their part. Here I got Coby who Luffy met early in the game. His aspiration is to be a marine.


Next you are introduced to Bounty Points which gives you your different titles.


You can also receive rewards when you unlock the titles, starting with Fledgling Pirate.

Journey To Be Continued…

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