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Santa Claus On The Bicycle (NBC 126) Nanoblock~

Santa Claus On The Bicycle (NBC 126) Nanoblock~

I built this a long time back but couldn’t get around in posting it here. Since I really had to clear my phone and rid it of the tons of photos, before I do an update in ios, thought I could post most of the lego builds up (hopefully all!).

However, this is the only nanoblock I am posting because I forgot to take photos of the rest! 🤣

This is the packaging. It is a (modern day?) Santa Claus riding on a bicycle. Doubt he could carry that many gifts since they are scattered all around and he doesn’t have his signature red sack. 😉

This is what it contains. Did I mention that authentic nanoblock is indeed different from the inspired brands? I have only tried building one other brand before but other than it feeling different, the authentic ones fix and detach way better and smoother.

At least that’s what I feel. You will have to try it out yourself to know.

And that gives me a reason to buy the more expensive nanoblock. 🤣

First of, we build the bicycle. I am not into green but I guess it is a Christmas colour.

The first wheel:

The second wheel:

Santa’s feet on the bicycle:

Then we build Santa separately.

Adding his face:

Completed Santa: because his legs are already on the bicycle

Attaching Santa to his bicycle:

And finally building the presents that he scattered around. 😂

Tada~ This is the final product.

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