One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 23 (Special Event – Twitter tie-in Part 1)

There is a new special event where you can get special rewards and a limited edition Chopper character by allowing/ authorising One Piece Treasure Cruise app to use your twitter account.

This event runs from 26th August (5pm) till 10th September (1159am) and it’s a really good event because of the rewards so be sure to do it!

Note: It’s in Japan time~ 


The link to get your rewards and to allow authorisation:

Otherwise, you can also access it below when you go into your game: Click on the part in white with red words, and you will be brought to the same link (as above).



Below is what you will see when you go to the link.

Close-up on the page: Click on the blue box (with the word twitter)


You will be brought to the page to authorise the app from using your twitter account. Enter your details and click on ‘remember me’. (It’s easier so you don’t have to repeat this step in future. You will see why.)


After you have entered your details, you will be redirected back.

Redirected back to this page: 

There are 12 numbers below which you need to note. I will call these 12 numbers your ‘chopper code‘. After which, click on the blue button.


You will be brought to this page where you can start getting your special rewards. Click on the red button with the beli and treasure box. Above the button on the left, you can see that you have 5 chances of getting the rewards.


Once you click on it, you will be led here: read carefully for the below! 


On my first try, I got 500k beli. This is the 13th prize.

I do not want this prize so I click on the button on the right side

If you want the reward, click on the button on the left side.

Note: you can only receive a reward ONCE so be sure you want that reward before you click on the left button.


On my 2nd try, I got the 11th prize. (2 baby turtles of each colour – 10 turtles in total)

I do not want it so I click on the right button again.


3rd try~ 15th prize (worst prize)


4th try~ 7th prize (2 adult turtles of each colour – 10 in all)


5th try~ 6th prize (3 adult turtles of each colour – 15 in all)


As that was my last try and I still didn’t want to accept it, I click on the right button once more and I will be led to the following page:

Don’t worry~ just click on the pink button and you will be given 15 more tries and an even higher chance of getting the great rewards.


After clicking on the pink button, you have 15 more chances. Make sure it’s something you really want before accepting it. If not, don’t worry about using up your 15 chances here.


After you finish your 15 chances, you will be led to this page where it will tell you what time you can try again. As per below, I can try again at 2am (Japan time)


This one shows I can try again at 10pm (Japan time).


These are the time slots which you can try your luck at. There are a total of six different time slots. If you finished up your chances at 9pm, you can try again at 10pm and after that 2am.


These are the top rewards you can get with the best prize being the special reward: 20 gems!


There are a lot which I have gotten but rejected.

I have decided to separate this event into two posts because there are quite a lot to mention and I am tired (Zzzzz….) but just to let you know that I have already gotten the special reward of 20 gems so it’s possible! 🙂 Just takes more effort and many more days.

Here is Part 2:

Part 2 : Walkthrough of how to use your codes to receive Chopper Character and reward 


(To be continued…)

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