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Terrific Tuesdays Cashback Up To $20 – Shopback Go

Just realised there is a new promotion for buying deals on Shopback Go and it is only for Tuesdays this month. I am doing a quick sharing because it is Tuesday today so you still have a few more hours to buy your deals.

You can find this promotion on your Shopback Go page under Featured Campaigns.



Different from the usual maximum cashback of $10, you will be able to receive up to $20 on Tuesdays.

From your 2nd to your 6th deal purchase, you will receive scratch cards.

For the 2nd deal, you can get a scratch card of at least $0.28, up to $20.

For the 3rd deal, you get minimum of $0.38, up to $20.



There is a limit of 5 scratch cards per week so if there are more than 6 deals that you want to buy, I would suggest that you wait until the next week to purchase.

This promotion ends on 27 April 2021, so including today, you can still get 3 times to earn your bonus cashback.

Do remember to scratch your cards within 48 hours upon receiving them.


These are some of the terms and conditions of this campaign.


There are also recommended deals listed from Shopback or those deals that are only exclusive to individual customers. You will have to check them out in your app itself.

These bonus cashback from scratch cards are on top of what you will already receive from the different vendors. Some deals will have a higher cashback when you share them with your friend, meaning to say if your friend also buys the same deal within a specific amount of time.



Forgot to mention, remember to link your UOB card if you haven’t and pay with that card to accumulate for scratch cards from UOB at the same time. ✌🏻 I have already hit my max for UOB. πŸ˜‚


Enjoy earning more cashback today!

Stay safe! 😷

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