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Paid Viewpoint Referral Code: rachelism – Singapore Review

Paid Viewpoint is also a Surveys GPT site that I am using and exploring. If you are looking for a referral link, here is mine.

Paid Viewpoint Referral Code: rachelism

I received $0.81 upon registration so I assume you will get the same too.



Is Paid ViewPoint Legit?

As of now, I cannot say for sure if it is legit or trustworthy as I have yet to reach the amount for a payout. I have read that it is and it pays well.

However, I am only $1.76 away from $15, the eligible cash out amount so once I hit that, I will be able to share if it is legit. 😉


Paid ViewPoint Survey Review:

Initially I wrote “I am not sure if it is for Singapore users or that my trait score is not high enough, as I have been using it for about 2 months now and I only received two actual research surveys, each worth $0.38.”

My trait score has reached maximum, 10,000 for a long time now so it really is because it’s Singapore users, as I still rarely receive actual surveys. However, when I do, the highest I have received so far is $0.94. Thus, when you have a better trait score, you really do get paid more.

Also, in order to get the amount stated for the survey, you must do and finish it within the time given in your email, because usually there are limited number of respondents needed. After which, you will either get very little or you will be informed it is no longer available. That said, no need to keep monitoring because so long as you managed to do the survey within the stipulated few hours, you should get the chance to complete it. Only rarely it is still available the next day. Thus, do watch out for their emails. The rest of their emails are Traits Surveys that I receive everyday.

The best thing I like about it is the surveys are usually easy to answer with no fuss. Also, you get to choose your own referral code! 🙂


What are Trait Surveys?

How the Trait Surveys work is that, you will be asked to fill up your demographics when you join and every time you answer the Traits survey, some questions about your demographics will be asked, and you need to answer them correctly. Therefore, I would suggest that you answer them truthfully in the first place.

Every time you complete a trait survey, you will receive a number of points and these points will be added to your Trait Score. I have read that the higher your Trait Score is, you will receive more surveys and higher paid surveys.


The good thing about Paid Viewpoint is that once you receive a survey, you will be able to complete it. Meaning there won’t be any screen outs or disqualifications.

The minimum to cash out your earnings is $15.

As I will not hit this amount anytime soon, this is why I am sharing this first. If you do use my referral code:, I will receive up to $25 when you have hit the minimum amount for cashout. Therefore, when you are able to cash out, I will be able to do so too.


Other GPT Survey Sites That I Recommend:

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(Milieu is also another site which you will definitely qualify for surveys but you can’t be proactive, because surveys appear in your app every 2-3 days. However, it is an easy and fun surveys app, which I highly recommend to try out.)

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