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Hideout TV Proof Of Payment

I am just sharing the Proof Of Payment for Hideout TV here. It is legit and I have been paid many times.

Usually, I transfer my points from Hideout to LootUp.

Proof of Payment from Hideout TV:

This is my LootUp account credit activities.

The additional multiplier (50%) is because of the Spin The Wheel function in

The 50% multiplier in Spin The Wheel is worth waiting for and mentioning because if you transfer your Hideout TV when it’s active, you get 50% more payout, on top of your original transfer. The multiplier is in 10%, 20% and 50%, and till now I always wait for the 50%. Each activated multiplier is valid for 24 hours.

As shown above, my original withdrawal from is 6870 points. The multiplier of 50% lets me get 3435 points more with this transfer. Thus, I earn a total of 10305 points, which is equivalent to USD$10.31. As I waited for the multiplier to do the redemption, I received USD$3.4 more.

If you are interested to sign up, use my referral below.

This is the referral code/ link for Hideout TV:

As Hideout TV and are linked, so if you also sign in to after you have signed up for Hideout TV, you can receive USD$5 in your LootUp account, upon earning 10k points within a month.

Alternatively, you can first sign up at LootUp: and then sign in to Hideout using the same login details.

You can also read or find out more about Hideout TV and here.

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Have fun earning! πŸ’΅

No more masks wearing from Monday onwards, stay safe! 😷

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