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MLDD Transferred Gems and Souvenir Gift Mails – MLQC

Hey guys,

I have already received my gems that are transferred from Mr Love: Dream Date (MLDD) and also my souvenir gift for my VIP level, in my Mr Love: Queen’s Choice (MLQC) mailbox.

Thus, I want to give you all a heads up because I realised that the Souvenir Gift seems to be only valid for ONE DAY from receipt. I thought it might be for two days but I recall logging in the day before and did not notice any of such mails.

This means that if you did not login those days that it was sent, it will expire and disappear from your MLQC mailbox. Therefore, try to login everyday to check.

The Transferred Gems, however is valid for about One Month, from the date it was sent.

Remember to click on Confirm to collect them.

As per the pic below, you can see what the mails are like so that you won’t miss them in your mailbox.

I believe that this is according to the time in the app, which you can find the date and time on the bottom right of the homepage.

If I am not wrong, it is about 16 hours behind Singapore Time. This is to say, if it is 4pm on 8th June in Singapore right now, the time displayed in the app will be 8th June 12am.

The mails are sent out way faster than I expected so keep a look out for yours too.

All the best and be safe~ 😷

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