One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 02 (Roronoa Zoro)

Luffy with Coby~ (totally didn’t screen cap those before this if any~)


Some background story on how they met~

Coby was a cabin boy on board a pirate ship whose captain was Alvida. The first sentence Luffy said to Coby was “I am hungry!” Coby told Luffy his story of how he came to be a crew of the Alvida pirates. He wanted to go fishing without realizing that the fishing boat is actually a boat that brings the Alvida pirates to their pirate ship. Since then, he has been working hard on board to prevent them from killing him.

Coby has always wanted to be a marine and said his aspiration to catch Alvida out loud. Overheard, Alvida saw Luffy and at that moment Luffy asked Coby who the fat woman was. She flew into a rage and tried to kill Luffy. Luffy defeats Alvida and Coby followed Luffy to find more crew. Luffy wants to find Zoro to join his crew.


They saw this guy who was being tied up to a pole…

He is none other than the pirate hunter, Roronoa Zoro! XD (my favourite~~~ <3)



Boss fight~


Another boss fight~




Boss fight again~


There are many chapters in each location~ currently at the sixth chapter~

The number ‘3’ below (above the word new) shows the energy needed to do this chapter.


Total amount of energy you have is shown on the top right, where in this case: 20/23

I have total of 20 energy that can be used. My full energy level is 23. It will take 7mins and 25secs for the next energy to be available. The Japanese word used here is “stamina”.




Zoro is untied…


Got his katanas back~


And he fights!



He is now a pirate!


Boss fight~


New title available~


Boss fight~


This is what appears before you fight a boss~

The words in red means “boss appears”~


I was basically rushing through this because all I wanted to get was Zoro!


Final boss to fight before getting Zoro!


Coby is then left behind with the marines~


Zoro left with Luffy to become a pirate~



Special reward! Roronoa Zoro! XD



Zoro’s card~


Rarity: 3 stars

Colour: green (japanese word means technique/ skill)

Special move: attack one of all enemies at 7 times the ‘green’ power

Captain effect: 1.5times ‘green’ power attack



I did the “translation” to the best of my “ability” due to my limited japanese knowledge so feel free to correct me if there are any discrepancies. πŸ™‚



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