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Super Mario toys with happy meals!

Guess how surprised and excited I was when I found out that the new McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are the Super Mario toys! Though it was way later than I thought, still better late than never! (Japan had the toys last year, in November I think~)

Super Mario bros was my childhood. Love playing the game so much when I was young. It was a family game because my dad, bro and I played so much. (Mum doesn’t really play games.) And I am talking about the very original and more pixelated 2D Mario bros who climb down pipes, climb up vines, eat flowers, shoot turtles and save the same old princess (again and again). 

Since I only found out about it after a friend posted her loot online, I was late in getting them. I wanted to get only those which reminded me of the game, the Mario in pipe, with goal pole, with question mark and the princess but by the time I got them, the Mario with pipe was out of stock. 

Two toys are released every week, starting every Thursday. 

Note that the new toys start selling every week on Thursdays at 11am. 


Check the picture to see what characters there are.




This is the second week of release for numbers 3 and 4. I ended up getting yoshi too because it’s cute! 



Now I only need to save get the princess. Only problem being, it will be released in the week of June and I won’t be in Singapore then. Gotta ask for help~ 



Will share the toys pictures (hopefully~) XD


If only there is luigi too~ 


So, are you collecting them too? 




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