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MoolahTycoon Referral Code: WlLvmgY4 – 50,000 Moolah$ DBS

Last updated on 19th September 2022, Monday

DBS’s Moolahpoly game is back this year. However this year, it is called DBS MoolahTycoon 2022.

Before I go into details, if you are looking for a referral code to sign up for the game, here is mine:

DBS MoolahTycoon Referral Code: WlLvmgY4

Using my referral code when you are signing up, or clicking directly on my referral link, gives you an additional 50,000 Moolah$ to start your game. This game starts from 1 September to 30 November 2022.


It’s really a good amount of Moolah$ to start off with because I could not find any referral codes, so I literally cannot play it much now because super low in Moolah$. πŸ˜…

Oh, I will also receive 50,000 Moolah$ if you use my referral code to sign up. It works the same for you too if you refer your friends and family.


Avatars and Tokens:

You get to choose these right at the start after registration and they each have their own powers. Click on them to view their powers and remember to choose wisely because you cannot change your Avatar. Tokens can be changed but with a charge.


What Is MoolahTycoon About?

This game is a little similar to Monopoly, except you don’t get paid when other people land on the properties you bought. Instead, your goal for this game is just to accumulate as much wealth and properties as you can to climb the leaderboard, in order to win attractive prizes.

Your wealth in this game are the Moolah$ and Properties you own and the upgrades you do to them and in order to buy and upgrade, you need Moolah$.

There are also Heng/ Suay Spaces that you can land on, which is like a Chance card. Either you get rewarded or you get “fined”. Money Spaces lets you earn Moolah$ or increase your daily Moolah$ income.

When you land on a Space, some facts and information are shared with you, which sometimes require you to click on links, and those are DBS related articles and information.


Mini Games:

Three mini games pop up in spaces sometimes. Two mini games are something we are all familiar with. One of it is like Whac-A-Mole, called Whacky Whacky Martin, and the other is Matching Cards, called Match & Cash. The last mini game called No Cash No Problem is scanning “QR codes” in a supermarket to find items. I usually click too fast but realised for this game, only the QR codes of the items you are looking for can be clicked on, so if you are like me, who clicked in without even seeing the items, you can just click around randomly to find them. πŸ˜…


What Can You Win From This Game?

You can redeem your Moolah$ for vouchers and gift cards directly or for in-game perks.

Winners on the leaderboard can also win Giftano E-gift Cards, which you can redeem for vouchers.

Thus, it really depends on which is your priority, winning the leaderboard or redeeming the rewards.
1,000,000 Moolah$ = $10 Gift card/ Voucher

I would suggest to redeem the rewards because unless you start this game right from the start or the top players stop playing, there is almost no way you can catch up.



There are daily, monthly and all time missions that you can complete to get extra Moolah$ or dice rolls.


Charity Moolah$, Sabotage and Taxi Ride:

You are given 10,000 Charity Moolah$ daily to give to other players. You can gift it to them by going to Social Board. Basically, you don’t lose anything by gifting it and they might even gift it back to you. Someone gifted it to me when I was low in Moolah$ and when I discovered the Social Board and saw his/her name, I gifted it right back.

Sabotage opponents that are on the leaderboard by destroying their properties. Each player can have a maximum of 5 properties destroyed and everyone can destroy a maximum of three properties a day.

You can get a Taxi Ride only if 5 days pass without purchasing or upgrading any properties. Then you get to move to a space of your choosing.


I just started playing this yesterday and till now, I would say that it is not too bad to play if I am doing something else too. My aim currently is just to become a millionaire so that I can redeem for a voucher of my choice. πŸ˜‚


Vouchers Redemption:

The vouchers redemption, with 1,000,000 Moolah$ is limited to 3 vouchers per month, and each voucher can only be redeemed once. It also seems to be that once a certain voucher has been fully redeemed, you cannot redeem it anymore.

Depending on the vouchers, you either receive it in your registered email address or the code pops up immediately when you redeem.


Bugs In Game?

This game seems to be not that stable yet as I will get logged out or images suddenly don’t load, but overall, does not really affect the gameplay. Though it’s quite irritating to have to keep logging back in. 🀨

Also, I think it is a little buggy now because I am not able to buy property that have not been bought before. πŸ™ Sometimes, daily missions are not showing up for me too.

Lastly, I tried to redeem a Giftano voucher just now and it was only sent to me by email the next day, instead of immediately.


If you are also interested to try it out, click on my MoolahTycoon referral link directly:


Key in my DBS MoolahTycoon Referral Code: WlLvmgY4 when you sign up, to get the free 50,000 Moolah$.

Oh! Almost forgot to mention that the dices refresh every hour, and can accumulate up to a maximum of 50 dices, so you can play throughout the day.

Have fun playing and earning! XD


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