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MoolahTycoon Referral Code: ivcihmpI – 50,000 Moolah$ DBS

DBS MoolahTycoon 2023 is back.

Before I go into details, if you are looking for a referral code to sign up for the game, here is mine:
DBS MoolahTycoon Referral Code: ivcihmpI

Urgent Update!

As of 27 October 2023, 10.20pm, there are $5 eCapitamall Vouchers for redemption. You are only able to make one redemption but do login fast as quantity is left with around 98 at the time of sharing.

If you have already redeemed this particular voucher this month, you won’t be able to do so again, even if you have not reached your quota of 3 vouchers.

Using my referral code when you are signing up, or clicking directly on my referral link, gives you an additional 50,000 Moolah$ to start your game. (It has been reduced from 500,000 Moolah$.)

This game starts from 1 July to 30 September 2023.

National Day Promotion:

There is a current National Day promo to receive an extra 500,000 Moolah$ now for everyone, not only new users so if you are an existing user, this is for you too. You will need to sign up first and then redeem this promo code SG0809 in the game. (promo expired)

These are the steps to make the redemption:
1. Click on the Arrow on the right of your screen to open up Options
2. Redeem Now > Game Boosters
3. Look for National Day Exclusive Gift – 500,000 Moolah$ > It will appear as a lock if you have not redeemed it yet
4. Enter the Code: SG0809
5. Redeem and it will be credited to your total Moolah$ > It will appear as Redeemed after redemption

Not sure how long this promo will be available so do try to redeem it as soon as you can. πŸ™‚


50,000 Moolah$ is still a good amount to start off with. As I could not find any referral codes when I started, I could not play it much right from the start because I was super low in Moolah$. πŸ˜…

Just to note that your account created last year is no longer valid so you have to sign up for a new account even if you played in 2022. I had to sign up for a new one too.

The biggest changes I have noticed so far are the referral moolah$ increment, a higher amount of moolah$ needed to redeem for a lower value voucher, and the higher probability of losing moolah$ when you land on Heng/ Suay spaces.

Explored the game a bit this year and I believe the gist of it is mostly the same as last year’s.

There seems to be a bug with my account as I am unable to play the game, as it does not load, since my last redemption for vouchers, which I did not receive the voucher in my email too. This is the worst bug I have encountered so far and so early at the start. Emailed MoolahTycoon for help on 9 July and finally got a reply on my missing voucher on 25 July.

Finally able to play the game after about two weeks from when I signed up because of a bug that makes the game not load for me. Some bugs like not able to buy or upgrade properties when landing on some properties still seem to be around. It even happens when I use the taxi, after not playing for 5 days or more.

Since I have already played for almost a month now, and I am always straightforward with you guys so I would suggest that you finish reading this: Important To Read Before You Start before you sign up, so that in a way, you will not waste your time.

Oh, I will also receive 50,000 Moolah$ if you use my referral code to sign up. It works the same for you too if you refer your friends and family.


Avatars and Tokens:

You get to choose these right at the start after registration and they each have their own powers. Click on them to view their powers and remember to choose wisely because you cannot change your Avatar. Tokens can be changed but with a charge.

What Is MoolahTycoon About?

This game is a little similar to Monopoly, except you don’t get paid when other people land on the properties you bought. Instead, your goal for this game is just to accumulate as much wealth and properties as you can to climb the leaderboard, in order to win attractive prizes.

Moolah$, Properties, Heng/ Suay Spaces:

Your wealth in this game are the accumulated Moolah$ and Properties you own and the upgrades you do to them and in order to buy and upgrade, you need Moolah$. (When you redeemed vouchers with your Moolah$, your total wealth will also drop.)

There are also Heng/ Suay Spaces that you can land on, which is like a Chance card. Either you get rewarded or you get “fined”. Money Spaces lets you earn Moolah$ or increase your daily Moolah$ income.

When you land on a Space, some facts and information are shared with you, which sometimes require you to click on links, and those are DBS related articles and information.


Mini Games:

Three mini games pop up in spaces sometimes. Two mini games are something we are all familiar with. One of it is like Whac-A-Mole, called Whacky Whacky Martin, and the other is Matching Cards, called Match & Cash. The last mini game called No Cash No Problem is scanning “QR codes” in a supermarket to find items. I usually click too fast but realised for this game, only the QR codes of the items you are looking for can be clicked on, so if you are like me, who clicked in without even seeing the items, you can just click around randomly to find them. πŸ˜…


What Can You Win From This Game?

You can redeem your Moolah$ for vouchers and gift cards directly from NTUC FairPrice, Capitamall, Foodpanda and Giftano, or for in-game booster perks.

Winners on the leaderboard can also win Giftano E-gift Cards, which you can redeem for vouchers.

Thus, it really depends on which is your priority, winning the leaderboard or redeeming the rewards.
1,500,000 Moolah$ = $5 Gift card/ Voucher


Important To Read Before You Start:

In 2023,

It is still hard to catch up to those on leaderboard who started earlier than you. Vouchers show as out of stock and on 1 August, when I log in at 1+am, the vouchers were still out of stock so I suspect that they were not replenished.

As of 1 October 2023, 12.37am, there are $5 Giftano Vouchers for redemption. You are only able to make one redemption but do login fast as quantity is left with around 90 at this time of sharing.

The FairPrice voucher is shown as out of stock. Thus, I leave it up to you to see if you still want to continue with the game. Not sure if vouchers will still be updated. Hope they will. πŸ™‚

If you do continue, remember that you need 1,500,000 Moolah$ for a $5 voucher this year, up to a maximum of 3 vouchers per account, per month. This means you need to save up to 4,500,000 Moolah$ for redemption of 3 vouchers.

There are still bugs encountered, like cannot buy or upgrade properties, when playing.


In 2022,

After playing for awhile with all the bugs, the following is purely my personal opinion. I feel that the mechanics of this game is quite bad, because unless you are able to start this game right from the first day, there is almost no way you can catch up with the rest of the people on the leaderboard, who started earlier than you.

Thus, I suggest for you to redeem the rewards instead of aiming for the leaderboard, which was what I did and my aim right from the start.

However, I am not sure if the vouchers quantity refreshes monthly because the vouchers for October were fully redeemed very early. I was lucky enough to manage to redeem three vouchers in September, since that was my aim, and it was the limit for each person per month.
When I logged in on 1st October at 1am, purely because I forgot about it, the vouchers were still shown as Low In Stock. Low In Stock = Cannot Redeem
Thus, I am uncertain if they were already fully redeemed within that hour or that the vouchers were not replenished in the first place.

Also, as I am experiencing a lot of bugs in the game, I also cannot tell if it is I who cannot redeem the vouchers this month or that there are simply no new vouchers.

This is why I am asking you to think before you sign up, because you could end up wasting your time for nothing, but since we would not know if DBS will suddenly decide to change the mechanics of the game or replenishes the vouchers too, so there may still be chances to get them later on.
Therefore, if you do decide to sign up or continue playing the game, do try to save up to at least 3 million Moolah$ so that you can redeem 3 vouchers if they become available.


Continue reading from Avatars and Tokens if you are still interested to sign up. πŸ˜‰

If not, and you want Free FairPrice Vouchers, I highly suggest that you sign up for a Trust Bank Savings account with my Trust Bank Referral Code: NXEGUJH4 

You can get a total of $35 FairPrice E-Vouchers, which is valid only for first time sign ups with Trust Bank Singapore, only till 31 August 2023.

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If you want other Free Vouchers, I suggest trying this app: Milieu where you can do easy and fun surveys and polls to redeem for vouchers, cash or even donate your earnings.
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There are daily, monthly and all time missions that you can complete to get extra Moolah$ or dice rolls.


Charity Moolah$, Sabotage and Taxi Ride:

You are given 10,000 Charity Moolah$ daily to give to other players. You can gift it to them by going to Social Board. Basically, you don’t lose anything by gifting it and they might even gift it back to you. Someone gifted it to me when I was low in Moolah$ and when I discovered the Social Board and saw his/her name, I gifted it right back.

Sabotage opponents that are on the leaderboard by destroying their properties. Each player can have a maximum of 5 properties destroyed and everyone can destroy a maximum of three properties a day.

You can get a Taxi Ride only if 5 days pass without purchasing or upgrading any properties. Then you get to move to a space of your choosing.


I just started playing this yesterday and till now, I would say that it is not too bad to play if I am doing something else too. My aim currently is just to become a millionaire so that I can redeem for a voucher of my choice. πŸ˜‚


Game Boosters Redemption:

There are three boosters redemption that you can redeem with your Moolah$, and one of it is different from last year. This year it’s “Grab 100 Moolah$ when you land on property spaces” and last year it was to reset missions.

I would highly suggest to get these as soon as you can because they get fully redeemed too. However, these do get reset per month so you can try redeeming again next month.


Vouchers Redemption:

The vouchers redemption, with 1,500,000 Moolah$ this year (up from 1,000,000 in 2022) is limited to 3 vouchers per month, and each voucher can only be redeemed once. This means that once you have redeemed a NTUC FairPrice voucher, you won’t be able to redeem that again this month, so you have to choose another brand’s voucher for redemption.

Once a certain voucher has been fully redeemed, you cannot redeem it anymore, unless they replenish it. It will be shown as out of stock.

Depending on the vouchers, you either receive it in your registered email address or the code pops up immediately when you redeem it.


Bugs In Game?


There are still bugs this year, right from the start after I signed up. I am unable to play the game, as it does not load. Also, I did not receive the voucher I redeemed in my email too. This is the worst bug I have encountered so far and so early at the start. Emailed MoolahTycoon for help on 9 July and finally got a reply on my missing voucher on 25 July.

Finally able to play the game after about two weeks from when I signed up but some bugs like not being able to buy or upgrade properties when landing on some properties still seem to be around. It even happens when I use the taxi, after not playing for 5 days or more.


The bugs are getting on my nerves now, so much so that I have not been playing for the past few days. At first, I was not able to buy property that have not been bought before. πŸ™

Sometimes, daily missions are not showing up for me too. Now I cannot even click Next when I land on property spaces, which literally defeats the whole purpose of the game. 🀨

I have emailed their support three times so far, on the different bugs, and only received a reply a week after the first email on my first issue. After that, no more replies nor resolution so I guess they are probably overwhelmed?



If you are still interested to try it out, click on my MoolahTycoon referral link directly:


Key in my DBS MoolahTycoon Referral Code: ivcihmpI when you sign up, to get the free 50,000 Moolah$.

Oh! Almost forgot to mention that the dices refresh every hour, and can accumulate up to a maximum of 50 dices, so you can play throughout the day.

Have fun playing and earning! XD



  • En

    Yeah the game is buggy, I’ve had problems with property spaces too, it sometimes automatically directs me to Earn Moolah and doesn’t show me the 3 options to pick from, either that or the game hangs when telling me what a property space is (like our memory resets and we keep forgetting what the different spaces are after each dice roll). Want to earn the $10 vouchers is so difficult πŸ˜….

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