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Pokemon Go Research 11 – A Ripple In Time (Parts 4-7)

Pokemon Go Research Part 11 – A Ripple In Time (Parts 4 – 7)

A Ripple In Time – Part 4 of 8

It took awhile for me to complete this because first of all, you need to take note that, after you walked your eevee, you need to evolve in during the day.

You MUST keep the eevee as your buddy and evolve it.

If you changed it to another pokemon (as your buddy) before evolving, it won’t work and you can’t complete the quests. That was why I was stucked here for awhile. πŸ˜…

The pokemon that appears which you have to catch is an eevee.


You will need to make an eevee your buddy and walk with it but it’s not necessary to use the eevee that you just caught. You can use any eevee that you have previously caught.



As per on top, you can use any eevee and remember to keep it as your buddy before evolving.

A Ripple In Time – Part 5 of 8

A Ripple In Time – Part 6 of 8

Don’t play as often now so it’s hard to remember to login just to spin pokestops. πŸ˜‚

A Ripple In Time – Part 7 of 8


This isn’t too hard, except probably the excellent curveball. Great curveballs are still fine but might take awhile for me to complete an excellent one.

But upon completion, you can get the pokemon. 🀘🏻✌🏻

To be continued…

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