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Pokemon Go Buddy Souvenirs – My Alien Bud

Just hit three hearts recently for my buddy and was surprised to find that other than the normal presents of potions, poke balls and berries given to me usually, there are also souvenirs!

Instead of the usual present that my buddy brought me, he gave me a souvenir, Cactus Fruit.

I had no idea what this was for and I even looked inside my inventory to locate it but it’s not there.

Then I realised it is attached to my buddy. Go to where your buddy is.

Scroll down and you can view all the souvenirs that he/ she has given you.

Clicking on the item itself will tell you when and where it was received.


Then clicking on the list will show you all the souvenirs you have gotten from that buddy to date.


Even though up till now, the souvenirs are just for show/ collection, they might be of use in the future. I hope. 😂

Therefore, I have decided to make another post to share the full souvenirs collection. 🤔

I will switch buddies to walk so this is just to share with you all that there are actually different souvenirs that can be collected.


If you are interested to find out the full list of souvenirs that I have received from my buddies so far, you can check out this post: Buddies Souvenirs Collection

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