One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 22 (Usopp special skill update)

Finally I wouldn’t feel that keeping Usopp is a waste of space and that he is redundant because Bandai is giving his character an upgrade/ update next week.

On 1st September, Usopp’s special skill will be updated.

Previously, his special skill is “attack enemies’ whole crew at 15times yellow colour” and this will remain unchanged but a very useful skill is added. “Enemies’ whole crew will be slowed down by three turns” which means you have more time to attack them. In addition, the number of turns taken for his special skill to be activated is dropped from 25turns to 20 turns! 


The below shows the previous skill:


The changes will be reflected at 6pm on 1st September.


Update is reflected below:


(To be continued…)



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