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Pokemon Go Research 15 – Let’s Go, Meltan! (Parts 7-9)


Let’s Go, Meltan! Part 7:

I was stucked at Part 7 for quite a while because of the tasks. These are old pokemons which I have a lot of but to catch them specifically now, with Gen 4 out, it’s really a matter of luck.


Before I completed part 7, I had actually already just caught all required for part 8, so I was back to my waiting game.

Let’s Go, Meltan! Part 8:

And since I really don’t play that often nowadays, it was a really long waiting game. Luckily for me, pokemon go launched an event which so happens to have the above pokemons that I managed to complete it.

And… I forgot to screen grab the rest of the parts. πŸ˜…πŸ€£

Therefore, I only have this to share. πŸ˜‚

It’s the only important thing isn’t it? The ultimate goal is to catch this.

Sadly, this research only gave 8 candies and you can see that to evolve the meltan, you need 400 candies!!! 😨

I checked and if you want to make Meltan your buddy and walk it, it’s 20km per candy, just like legendary pokemons so your best and easiest way to get more candies for it would be to save up those rare candies. πŸ˜… At least that’s what I will do.

I think there is another way to get more meltan but I have yet to check that out. 🀨

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