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[Limited Time] Pokemon Go Research 46 – Ultra Unlock 2021: Space

This is a limited time research and as per what I just checked, there is only 2 days plus left.

I am almost 100% definite that I would not be able to finish it. Not because of the time limit but due to one of the tasks. 😅


Ultra Unlock 2021: Space (Part 1/5):

You get Clefairy.

You get Munna.


Ultra Unlock 2021: Space (Part 2/5):

You get Solrock.

You get Lunatone.


Ultra Unlock 2021: Space (Part 3/5):

You get Duskull.

You get Gastly.

You get Shuppet.


Ultra Unlock 2021: Space (Part 4/5):


The task to make 7 nice curveball throws in a row, is hard for me because I can make nice or great curveballs but 7 in a row… it’s almost impossible.

I am really not very good at nice, great n worse excellent curveballs.


Doubt I can finish it because I actually turn on my incense to try to do it but my max was 6! Just because the pokemon moved at the last minute.

Takes up too much time so I doubt I will continue to try.

You get Shellos.


Don’t think it will be continued because I doubt I can actually complete that task.


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