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bluPort (blu) Ceasing Operations

Hey guys, bluPort (blu) delivery will be ceasing operations on 31st August 2021.

I received an email from them as per below.


It is stated that you will not be able to “Send Parcel”, “Request for parcel” or “Check out with blu”.

If you have been using Check out with blu, then remember to update your delivery address before 31 August.

The blu credits balance that you have in your wallet will expire at 2359hrs on 31 August 2021 so try to utilise them before the deadline.


If you have topped up a lot into your account and there is no way for you to finish using them, I would suggest that you contact bluPort at [email protected] to see if there are any alternatives.


If you have blu points left, you should also redeem them, either for the discounts or the blu freebies. I redeemed mine for the freebies as I still have quite some credit left and the redemption was easy and fast. Fast to the extent that I could collect them the next day right after I redeemed them the night before.

The cessation is not stated on their website per my last check but they have it on their app when you log in.

However, once you close the notice, it doesn’t appear again.


It is such a waste that they are ceasing operations as I really like their quick, easy and convenient services provided. Ever since a friend recommended it to me, I have been using them for deliveries whenever I needed to send bulky items at a low cost. It was really useful especially during the CB period.

If you are planning to sign up and use bluPort, and came upon this while looking for bluPort’s referral code, I would suggest that you consider before signing up.

Not because of their service, as their service is still great. You can tell just from my redemption of their freebies. But because you will need to top up your account with minimum $5 to use their service and if it’s a one time thing for you, you will essentially be losing out the rest of your money in the account.

This is why. Say you top up $5, and your delivery is $3.50. You would not be able to utilise the leftover $1.50 unless you do a top up again, of minimum $5, since you will not be able to withdraw the $1.50.

However, if your delivery is $2.50, and you are able to do two deliveries before 31 August, then of course, go ahead with it. And this is my referral code post if you need it.

bluPort Referral Code Post


As I am still planning on using their service when I need to, I have also checked with them on the situation if my deliveries are not sent or have not arrived by 31 August and the following is their reply.

Dear Rachel,

The ‘Check out with blu’ service will be ceasing by End August.
Should your parcels arrive after end August, we will contact you for alternate arrangements.

In the meantime, please do change your shipping address if possible for your parcels that may arrive at our facility after end August.

Anyway, to prevent delayed parcels and all, try to make sure your deliveries with them will arrive before 31st August 2021.


I will share other good deliveries methods or stuff if I do come across any.

Meanwhile, take care and be safe! 😷


  • KS Toh

    I was also a frequent user of blu and I miss it. Similar parcel locker providers like pop station & Pick seem to accept only bulk eCommerce retailers, not people like us who only use such services once in a while. What a waste as most of these providers are now part of the nationwide parcel locker network.

    I just chanced upon this Park n Parcel service . A bit like blu. Anyone tried?

    • rach

      Yeah, I was hoping that Pick can be a replacement for blu too.
      I think Popstation can be used by us, individuals too but it’s way more expensive than blu.
      Heard of Park n Parcel long ago and it used to be advertised as cheap but the prices are not standardised now, so I have not tried it yet too. Also, they have restrictions on sending certain items if I remember correctly. Due to all these I think using SingPost is easier. πŸ˜‚

      However, I also think that Park n Parcel is the most similar to blu and the cheapest I have seen so far. For bulky items, I think UParcel is not bad, but I have only received items from them, have not used them to send before. If you do try them out, let me know if they are good. πŸ™‚

      • KS Toh

        I just used Park n Parcel yesterday. Procedure just like Blu. When I was creating the order, only two options given to me, Small (0-5kg) @$2.50 and Big (5-8kg) at $4.00. I chose small. Paid $2 for optional insurance. Then the T&Cs appeared and says parcel should be less than 8kg and total dimensions under 100cm. Delivery based on dropoff + 3 business days (Mondays to Fridays), and parcel may also be redirected to another collection point in vicinity!? No idea when it will be delivered, you can track my parcel

        Same time I also used GOGOX. Booked a motorcycle at $20 from Bedok to Thomson at 11.43am. Searching…. for a long time. I went to buy lunch and returned. At around 1.14pm, then someone accepted the order and came at around 1.40pm. A white Volvo!!!

        Can share your experience with SingPost? Assume 435x305x235mm and 5.5 kg box.

        • rach

          Thanks for sharing it with me. πŸ™‚ Seems like Park n Parcel is quite ok? Took around two days for your delivery.
          I have not sent big parcels locally via SingPost before but for smaller ones and overseas parcel, what I usually do is bring the parcel to the post office and they will just handle it. I believe for big parcels, they are sent by Speedpost but not sure if the charges stated online for local are accurate at $6 and $12.
          For popstation, you will have to book at first before you drop it off.
          GogoX seems similar to Grabexpress. I have not used it but my friend usually use it for her deliveries now that there is no more blu. I think they charge by distance so it’s good for delivery to nearby areas, and they let you choose if you want instant or 4 hours, which is cheaper. There is also Pandago but it’s only for 5kg or less.

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