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‘Despicable Me’ minion Dave diamond blocks (nanoblock)~

This was what I was building! A minion!!! XD

This character is called Dave from the movie Despicable Me~ It is also the only Diamond block set I have (for now) because I like the more authentic nanoblocks more. However, this is much cheaper and have some designs/ characters which nanoblock has yet to come up with but this minion is actually a gift from a friend. πŸ™‚

There are another two minions available which I am still hesitant to buy because truthfully, I am waiting for nanoblock to have them~ πŸ˜›

I wanted to record down and share the progress of building but actually, it is quite troublesome because I would either be so focused that I forgot to take pictures (and have to remove bricks to take pics and removing bricks this small is a TORTURE~) or I am at a certain step and I forgot if I have already taken pictures~ lol

Anyway I tried to persevere through for this one because it is easy to set up but I might not do the same for the rest of my nanoblocks or not go according to the steps. The thought of doing this for Tokyo Skytree frightens me! πŸ˜›

I also wanted to share the instructions but I thought it might not be ‘right’ in doing so~ It’s cheap and largely available online so you can just buy them straight~ XD

(If not, you can wait for my blogshop to be up, I could be selling them~ :D)

After you open it up, there are the instructions and the blocks.

Completed step 1:

Actually this is the completion of step 1 plus the bottom first layer of step 2 because of a loose block which can only be attached to step 2.

Tips for step 1:

As it is the very first three layers, it’s a little hard to piece them together and I feel that it is actually the hardest of all layers. The trick is to lay out all of those three layers accordingly first. Then using the base provided (green colour base) build on it.

I didn’t use the base, only thought of it after I finish building the first step (with bricks falling off here and there). You can try this out and see if it’s easier.

Front view:

Top view:

Got that idea after I took this picture~

Completed Step 2: Front view

Top view:

Completed Step 3: front view

(so that’s what the red is for~)

Top view:

Completed step 4: front view

Top view:

Completed step 5: front view

Top view:

Completed step 6: front view

(My minion has eyes!)

Top view:

Completed step 7: front view

(Almost there~~)

Top view:

Completed step 8: front view

(My minion looks like he has antennas! Or horns! In fact, if I extended them and change them to red, he would seem like he has devil horns. Halloween idea? XD)

Top view:

Completed step 9: front view

(When I was planting Β building his hair, I thought “Wow! Dave, u have a lot if hair!”)

Top view: hair spots are symmetric to each other.

Completed step 10: front view

(Legs added.)

Top view:

His hands (close-up):

Completed minion Dave! XD

He can stand~

If you did notice, I left out his teeth. Therefore, this is actually toothless Dave. Reason being I thought those teeth made him look weird.

Thus, took a picture of him together with the original picture he is supposed to be and though I prefer him toothless, I am not sure if he will look nicer with teeth or without.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts!

Does Dave look better with teeth or without?

Finally done with this post~

15 minutes more to World Cup semi-finals! XD

Brazil vs Germany~ who are you rooting for?

I am hoping they will win~ πŸ˜‰

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