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The Strongest Man In The World Whitebeard Gacha – 1st Anniversary Bon Bon Festival

Sharing the gacha bonbons that I receive from the new “The Strongest Man In The World Whitebeard 1st Anniversary Bon Bon Festival” Gacha here.

The featured bonbon is Whitebeard, which boasts the highest ATK ever.

The drop rates of the bonbons by rarity.

With the drop rate of Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard being the highest among the 4 stars at 1 percent.

Hopefully, I can get Whitebeard but only at 1%, it’s not easy and I really do want to get Ace first, even though I missed the previous one. πŸ˜… Therefore, don’t really feel like splurging all my rainbow pearls on trying to get Whitebeard. πŸ˜†

1st round of 10:

Django: 3 Stars

Summary of 1st round:

2nd round of 10:

Tashigi: 4 Stars

I am not a fan of her… because I love Zoro. 🀣

Momonga: 3 Stars

Higuma the bear: 3 Stars

Summary of 2nd Round:

3rd round of 10:

Eustass Kid: 4 Stars

Kid! I am quite pleased with him. 😊

Lola: 3 Stars

Summary of 3rd round:

Summary of 4th round: πŸ™

Summary of 5th round: ☹️

To be updated…

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