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Shopback Check In Daily Bonus Cashback – July 2021

Hi all~

There is something new on Shopback which I think is worth sharing as all you need to do is to login to your Shopback app and click a button daily for 7 days.


First of all you need to have a Shopback account already. If you don’t, you can sign up with my referral code to get $5 bonus cashback.

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If you already have an account then read on. πŸ™‚


When you log into your Shopback app, go to the Earn More tab at the bottom of your screen.

On top, select the Challenges tab.

From here, you can see the place where you can check in, shown in the blue box below.

Click on the individual squares (circled in yellow) to check in each day. I have already checked in two days so those two are already shown/ ticked.


These are the rewards you are able to win or not win since there is a possibility of getting Better Luck Next Time, which I did. 🀨



Therefore in a way the rewards are not $0.01 – $1 for daily check in. It’s $0.00 – $1.

Only on your last check in, then it is $0.01 – $1.

But really, who would want to waste time to check in daily for the 1 cent on the 7th day if all you can receive is Better Luck Next Time everyday? πŸ˜…

I know it’s not very tempting if you are out to win the rewards but if you happen to log in then may as well check in right?


As it is not very clear so I added the numbers to show you.

For the 1st to 5th check in, you only receive a scratch card bonus on the 2nd and 4th check in.


And a scratch card bonus on your 6th and 7th check in.

Thus, in total you can receive 4 scratch cards.

As you can see from my second check in, it’s Better Luck Next Time which means I did not receive anything.


This is only for the Shopback app, means it’s not available on the website.

It runs from 9 July to 23 July.


It is not stated here but I believe the check in has to be consecutive. I am also not sure if this can be repeated as the whole campaign is 15 days. Will update this again after I have finished 7 days. :p


Last but not least, these are the rewards you will be able to win for each milestone reached. Milestone here refers to the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th check in.

2nd and 4th Check In:


6th and 7th Check In:


Totally missed out reading the fine prints but just saw it and yes! You will need to check in consecutively because as per interpretation of the below, your streak will reset if you miss a day.


Also, this is my second Better Luck Next Time today. πŸ˜‚

Haven’t gotten a single check in reward. Not very tempting I know. πŸ˜… But you might do better~ πŸ€



This is what I received for my 3 milestone check in. πŸ˜‚

All Better Luck Next Time.


As for my last check in, the 7th check in that doesn’t include Better Luck Next Time in the rewards…



It was totally as I expected. πŸ˜…



Yup! Nicely done! Wasted 7 days to do a check in and received 1 cent. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


It says that “You can start a new streak soon.” so you should be able to repeat it after you have completed.


The question is, would you give it a try? πŸ€ͺ


I mean you could have better luck than I do and receive the maximum reward of $1 each day and that would be $4 for a simple check in for 7 days.


This definitely won’t be on my mind for the next 7 days but I will still do a quick check in if I happen to log into the app either for deals or to do voucher redemptions.

Either way, all the best if you do try. πŸ€


If you want to know how Shopback works, you can check this previous post of mine:

Shopback/ Shopback Go Referral Post


Take care and be safe! 😷

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