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Shadow Pokemons (Part 2) How To Tell [01] – Pokemon Go

In Part 1, I shared

How to get Shadow Pokemons

And in this part, I am going to share how to tell what pokemons you are going to fight or encounter before you get in to the fight so that you have an idea of what pokemons to choose to counter those.

Going to update this post with every shadow encounters from now on, if I manage to win. πŸ˜…

Realised that there will be too many pictures for one post so I have decided to separate into parts for the updates and also do a summarised version of How To Tell with only the hints and the shadow pokemons you will encounter.

These waters are treacherous!

1) Squirtle

2) Marshtomp

3) Swarmpert

Used a dragonite to counter and it works really well. Still had all 3 pokemons standing at the end.

Catch a Squirtle!


Normal does not mean weak!

1) Zubat

2) Raticate

3) Snorlax

Gyarados works well against Zubat.

Mew Two counters well against a lot of pokemons so that is my usual second choice.

Used Rhyperior against Snorlax which was not bad. Would have used Machamp but it’s currently dead. πŸ˜…

Catch a Zubat!

Coiled and ready to strike!

1) Grimer

2) Golbat

3) Muk

Dragonite is quite good against grimer.

Mew Two is very good against golbat and muk. Defeated both with mew two fast. You must remember to use your charged attack asap.

Catch a Grimer!

Do you know how hot Pokemon fire breath can get?

1) Houndour

2) Charmeleon

3) Charizard

Dragonite against houndour was quite a close call. Mew Two against Charmeleon is quite good. Rhyperior against Charizard is very effective.

Catch a Houndour!

To be continued…

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