Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Research 10 – Let’s Go, Meltan! (Parts 1-3)

This is another new research which I have completed till part 3 so far. Stucked at part 3 because of one of the quests which is harder to complete since it’s completely random.

Let’s start with part 1.

Let’s Go, Meltan – Part 1 of 9

These 3 are quite easy to complete and you can get a free egg incubator!

Let’s Go Meltan – Part 2 of 9


Let’s Go Meltan – Part 3 of 9


As mentioned earlier on, I am stucked at this part because of the quest to catch a ditto. Since it’s totally random and I don’t exactly play that often, it makes it even harder to complete than usual.

To be continued…

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