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Pokemon Go Make New Friends – Part 3

Pokemon Go Make New Friends – Part 3

The reason I am making this post is because… I am seriously wondering what happened as I had a sudden influx of friends requests over the last week and these few days. 😱


On that note, I have over 40 friends on my list already and even though I would still accept friends requests till the maximum (if there is one).

But I would highly advise that if you want more friends, to leave your user id and code in any of my 3 Make New Friends posts (including this) because, first of all, there are only so many gifts I can get every time I login and I don’t play this game as much as some others.

As the gifts are limited and friends are aplenty, you might need to wait awhile to receive a gift from me.

Secondly, when you add me, you only receive gifts from Singapore and not other countries, unless I travel but I don’t really play the game when I am travelling.

Also, I tend to prioritise sending those who send me gifts and I don’t collect my gifts often because I don’t have space. πŸ˜“

I am also wondering if the sudden influx of requests is due to Battle among friends.


In this case, I haven’t exactly tried it out but I think you and your friend need to reach a certain level of friendship, in order to battle. That which means you need to constantly send and receive gifts, which again, I won’t be able to do so as often now.

Yeah~ so I really recommend that you guys leave your user id and friend code here to get more friends.

1) Even if you get requests, you don’t have to add them if you don’t want to.

2) You can delete your friend anytime you want.

3) If you need me to remove your code from the list, I will do so.

So if you want to, comment in this post or in my first post: Make New Friends and I will add you to the currently extremely short list. πŸ˜‚

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