One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 27 (Upgrade materials – Turtles Special 7)

Been really busy these days so not enough time to play but anyway, there is a new turtles special from 29th September till 5th October

This time, turtles of different colours are available! XD finally~~

As usual, each player is still entitled to an hour during that day and it’s a little complicated to know which hour you are entitled to. Check out the first turtle post: how to check the time you are entitled to? 


Below shows the time you are entitled to between 2nd October to 6th October.

力 = red

速 = blue

技 = green

知 = purple

Please take note that the timings above are all in Japan time! You NEED to switch the time on your phone/ tablet/ ipad to Japan’s time in order to do this event/ quest. 

(To be continued…)

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