One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 19 (Evolution materials – crab and hermit crab)

Two other evolution materials needed are the hermit crabs and crabs. Every Friday, you will be able to get these crabs and hermit crabs through the special quest.

Like the seahorses and rarity 1 penguins, the fights are very easy to get through. However, the crabs are resistant, in the sense that they don’t die that easily. They almost seem impervious to attacks but the good thing is that their attacks don’t do that much damage and their “rounds” are much higher. 

The “rounds” I am referring to is how long (how many rounds) it takes before they attack you, which is shown by the number above them. After they attack you, their “rounds” are reset and you will be able to kill them before they attack you again. 


A tip from me: 

Attack the crab with the biggest number first. If you try the one with the smallest number first and you can’t kill it within that number of rounds, you will get attacked and usually other crabs are one or two rounds more than that one, so within the next turn, you will definitely be attacked again. If you kill the one with the biggest number, you will probably only get attacked by one crab. This is especially important in battles with strong enemies and you need to save whatever HP you have to go through it.


Energy/ stamina needed: 10

Number of rounds: 5


Round 1:


Round 2:


Round 3:


Round 4:


Boss fight:


Crabs and hermit crabs received are totally random while the exp and beli stay the same.

My first attack:

My second attack:

The same colour crabs are needed to evolve the characters, so a red character would need a red crab and so forth~

There are five different colours for the crabs. 

Red crab: rarity 2


Green crab: rarity 2


Blue crab: rarity 2


Yellow crab: rarity 2


Purple crab: rarity 2

Hermit crabs are also needed for evolution and there are six different colours of hermit crabs.


Red hermit crab: rarity 1


Green hermit crab: rarity 1


Blue hermit crab: rarity 1


Yellow hermit crab: rarity 1


Purple hermit crab: rarity 1


Rainbow hermit crab: rarity 2


This rainbow hermit crab is the only one of a higher rarity that you can get from this quest. It is used for characters of higher rarity for evolution. 

Currently I don’t have any characters that need to use the rainbow hermit crab for evolution. Will update again if I do.


Other evolution materials:


Penguin rarity 1


Ps: I have added the tags “onepiecefri” for posts related to Fridays and for other days too so that it’s easier for reference, if you are looking for stuff for that particular day. 🙂

(To be continued…)


  • kawaimc

    Hey, can you help me with something ??
    I tried playing the special crab quest today, but it didn’t work. This is what I get when I try to start the quest.

    • rach

      hi, it’s saying that it’s not available. it should be because the time for this was already over. Where are you located? you need to follow japan’s time to do their quests.

        • rach

          hi, yes. your time difference with Japan is too big so you need to change your phone to Japan’s time so that the quests will show at the correct timing and you can play it. not only for the crabs but for the rest of the quests that are time limited too.

  • kawaimc

    Hey, could you help me with something ??
    I tried playing the special crab quest today, but when I tried to play it it didn’t work. This is what I got.

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