One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 18 (Upgrade materials – Turtles Special 3)

I finally got the ancient turtle yesterday! XD



Actually he looks like a grandfather turtle. Since he is for upgrading, the statistics doesn’t really matter.

Below shows what I got, the baby turtle, adult turtle and grandfather turtle.


Baby turtle stats:

Rarity – 3 stars

Worth 1500 beli~ (if you sell him away but please, don’t ever do so. It will be an utter waste to sell away any turtles!)



Adult turtle stats:

Rarity – 4 stars

Worth 15000 beli


Grandfather/ Ancient turtle stats:

Rarity – 5 stars

Worth 150000 beli (continue reading below if you are thinking its worthwhile to sell him away~)


Below is the reason why these turtles are sooooo useful!

If you don’t already know, when you upgrade your characters with the same colour materials, you gain more than when you use other colours.


When you upgrade a purple character with the purple turtles:

Baby turtle experience – 3000 exp

Adult turtle experience – 22500 exp

Grandfather/ ancient turtle experience – 82500 exp


Although you can get 150k beli from selling the ancient turtle, you can get 82500 exp by using him for upgrades.Β 

If a normal character gives you 800 exp, you will need 100 of these characters to upgrade the same amount of exp and if every round that you play, you get 4 characters, you will still need to play 25 rounds!


If you are using him for upgrading other colour characters, this is what their experience will be:

Baby turtle experience – 2000 exp

Adult turtle experience – 15000 exp

Ancient/ grandfather turtle experience – 55000 exp


The way I see it, it’s still more worthwhile to upgrade the same colour characters.

It is also a waste to sell them for beli because like for me, I have over 900k beli but I don’t have the time to keep getting characters for minimal upgrading so my beli is in a way too much~Β 

If you need beli, here is how you get beli~ Read this and do that instead of wasting your turtles. πŸ™‚

The next chance to do this special quest will be on 14th August (Thursday). Do remember it’s according to Japan time. Check what time you are entitled to the quest here: Turtles Special~

(To be continued…)

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