One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 17 (Upgrade materials – Turtles Special 2)

Finally managed to try out the special turtles event but I was kinda disappointed that all turtles were purple. I would really prefer to get the greens and reds because my Zoro and Luffy characters are quite tedious to upgrade now.

However, I guess this is the special quest related to the current event, which is all purple, so I would have to wait for the next one or I can still get other turtles from the other current events or quests (which is slightly harder and more random).


As shared in my previous post about: How to do the turtles special? (according to the different timings assigned to each player), this is what the special is like:

Stamina needed: 15



This quest is not very hard to complete but if your level is low, be sure to include more yellow characters so that their attacks are more deadly for the purple turtles.

There are a total of 5 rounds.

Round 1~


Round 2~


Round 3~


Round 4~


Round 5~ final round (I want that ancient turtle!!)


As usual, rewards are totally random. This was what I got for my first play.


Second play~


Third play~


The experience and beli gained seems to be the same for all three rounds. I’m guessing it’s fixed.


As I started (remembered) quite late, I could only play thrice so it was quite wasted. 

So just a reminder that you can do this special again later today (9th August)!


Refer to my previous post: Upgrade materials – Turtles Special to get the timings~ 

ps: Just discovered that the watermark app I am using can make my own QR code~ so tried it out on watermarking my pics~ XD


(To be continued…) 

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