One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 16 (Upgrade materials – Turtles Special)

Since the end of July, there is a new special event every Monday but this is a time limited event as each player can only access that event for one hour. 

You will be able to get turtles needed for upgrading during this event! 

I kept missing the timing so I have yet to try it out myself but once I do so tomorrow, I will share it. 

As your characters get to a higher level, it is increasingly difficult to upgrade them so these turtles are really useful and great for upgrades. 


From 4th August till 18th August, because of a special theme event, you will be able to get these turtles more often! 


However, each player is still entitled to an hour during that day and it’s a little complicated to know which hour you are entitled to. This shall be explained below.

First of all, you need to refer to your id, which can be found on the top left hand corner when you try to log in. You will need to find out the sixth number / digit of your id.

With reference to mine, the sixth number/ digit is 5. (As shown below)


After getting your sixth digit of your id, refer to the table below: 

For 4th August, because my sixth number is 5, according to the table, I will get the event at 9pm Japan time. 

The other number who will also get the event at 9pm are users with 0 in the sixth digit of their id.


For 6th August, I will be able to do the event at 6pm Japan time. 

And so on~ 

you get the idea.


The important thing to note is that you will NEED to switch your time to Japan’s time because the event only lasts one hour. 

For example, Singapore is an hour behind Japan so if I did not adjust the time on my ipad, at 5pm on 6th August (which is 6pm in Japan), even if I log in to the game, I will not be able to see the event. (Event will not show up) When it is finally 6pm in Singapore, the event will show up on my ipad but it is already 7pm in Japan which means my turn to do the event is over! 

If you want to do the event, do remember to take note of this and the timing according to the table.

I got the table from here:


This is what the event will look like:

15 stamina is needed. 

Remember to save some for this event~ 


I can’t wait to get my turtles this evening~ XD


(To be continued…)



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