One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 09 (Towns Special – Monday)

Daily events that Bandai has come up with makes getting characters for upgrades and evolving easier. However, the catch is that it is always during the day with limited time.


Everyday from Monday to Sunday, 11am to 11pm (Japan time) there will be different benefits in different towns. 

The benefits include:

1) double drop rate

2) half the stamina

3) double the beli ($)


Double drop rate means that you will get double the number of cards/ characters you usually get from a win, which is still totally random~

Half the stamina means that if you will usually need 8 stamina to do a certain quest in that town, during this day, this period of time, you will only need 4 stamina. This is good if you need certain cards from that particular quest and do not have enough stamina to keep playing.

Double the beli literally means double the money obtained from the quest.


For every Monday, 

1) Double drop rate at Logue Town~



2) Double beli ($) at Baratie~



3) Half stamina at Orange Town



This is it for Mondays. 

Out of all the three, I usually play those with double drop rates or half stamina because for beli, I can get them on weekends (refer to my post on: how to get beli) and even if doubled, it is quite little. 


Refer to the following posts for other days of the week,

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Fridays Towns Special

Saturdays Towns Special

Sundays Towns Special 


Do note that you will have to follow Japan’s time! 

If your phone/ ipad/ tablet is set according to your local time, you will still see the “benefits” being shown when you log in during your time period. However, the benefits will not apply if it is already past Japan’s time period.


For example, 

Time on my end is 9pm. Time in Japan is 10pm. I still have an hour to get those benefits.

If the time on my end is 12pm but the time in Japan is already 12am, it will mean that the benefits will not apply even though it shows on my ipad that it is still valid. 

(To be continued…)

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