One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 05 (how to earn beli)

Just as money is important to us in our everyday life, it is also important in this game but the only difference is that, it has only one use but is vital especially when we get to the higher levels.


In One Piece, the currency is beli. It is also the same in the game. Usually in normal chapter fights, we get a few hundreds to a few thousands beli.


However, on weekends, we are able to earn more by doing a special quest. It used to be fights that were very easy to complete and you would receive 30k to 50k beli. The only downside was the huge amount of energy/ stamina you would have to use – 20 stamina. However, It has just been changed! ><


It has now been separated into two levels. As shown below, the highlighted one is the easy level “rookie” which you can get 20k to 40+k beli.

This uses up 15 stamina.



This one is the mid level but I have to say it’s not that easy to fight even at my current level. I failed the first time because of using the wrong troops, and I have already been playing for awhile. (Result of being too lazy to change my existing troops and just went head on~) XP

It uses up 20 stamina and I got 40+k to 80+k beli.


Boss fight for rookie level:

This is actually the same scene as per previous!

Boss fight for mid-level:


For the very first time that you complete a level, you will receive a gem.

Mid level reward: 40k to 80k beli


At first, I thought that the mid level is equivalent of the one in the past because of the amount of beli I got. Logically speaking, the harder the level, the more or better rewards are usually given. However, upon trying out the rookie/ easy level twice, I realized I was wrong.

In this case, by that analysis, more beli should have been given for the mid level than the rookie one but in fact, the beli given in both seem to be the same.

For mid level, I actually got less than my second turn on the rookie level.

This is what I got for rookie level:

The only thing that was doubled in the mid level was the experience gained.


Having tried a few times, the beli given is totally random because I got 40+k three times but on the 4th time, I received 80+k.


Rookie level – beli 20k to 40+k

– experience 600+

Mid level – beli 40k to 80+k

– experience 1200+


On the top left side, it shows my beli.Β  I have 761605 beli currently.

Without beli, you cannot upgrade or evolve your cards/ characters. You will have to resort to selling away your cards for very little beli or keep using gems to enlarge your storage just to keep the cards.

Thus, I will try to get as much beli as I think I would need for the whole week to come plus much more because it’s totally by luck/ random the number of cards you get each battle.


Therefore, if you do not care about gaining experience, have energy/ stamina to spare and is only after beli, then I would suggest doing the rookie level which is a no sweat level.

And that is definitely what I will do. πŸ™‚


(To be continued…)


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