I Love Ice-cream!!! XD

Make My Magnum in Singapore~

When I heard about Make My Magnum experience where you can create your own Magnum, I was excited because I thought that I can design my own ice-cream!


It finally came to Singapore and after I saw many photos that were posted online, I decided to go and try it out myself because I LOVE ICE-CREAMS!!! XP



MAGNUM® Pleasure Store in Singapore was located at the Customs House Terrace. There is a huge Magnum ice-cream with the numbers 25 on it, signifying their 25th Anniversary.


It was quite empty when we reached in the afternoon, just before the Garfield run started.

The view from the store was great, where you can see MBS (Marina Bay Sands). XD



The store is quite small and we were requested to order something else if we wanted to dine in.

If not, we can only do takeaway for our ice-cream. 🙁 


Other than the indoor area, there is also outdoor dining. Luckily for us, it was not crowded so we had our pick of seats. We chose to sit indoors because even though the weather was good, it is still hot and humid Singapore after all.



My excitement was gone when I realised I cannot “make” my own Magnum!!! I can only choose the decorations and flavour that I want and the staff will mix and pour them on my ice-cream. 

I thought that I could really play make my own ice-cream. ><


These were all the available selections we could choose from which I thought needed more varieties for the end results to be different.



Since I couldn’t play with it, I decided I should go more for colours/ design rather than taste. 


Then, we get to choose the flavour of the coating we want on our ice-cream, which is the outermost layer. Flavour of ice-cream is the standard Vanilla which we don’t get to choose.



Chose three different toppings and dark chocolate and the staff mixes them together. (I used to like white chocolate but prefers dark chocolate now.) Then he dips the ice-cream into the dark chocolate and pours the toppings onto the ice-cream. 


My friend had hers done first and she was upset when he did not pour it properly and evenly over her ice-cream. There were spots where the ice-cream weren’t covered. When she mentioned it to the staff, he reacted like there is nothing he could do because the container was already empty! How difficult was it to take a bit of toppings to cover those areas??



Due to that, mine was done a little better but I think I could have done a better job myself. :X



We could choose one of the chocolates to add a final finish to the magnum. I chose white chocolate because it’s more distinctive.


This was the final result.

If you notice, most of the red hearts were only on top so basically, it’s only pretty from the top. The other side feels empty.



A clearer view from the top:



Final photo before I start eating:





It’s disappointing that I could not make my own magnum. I could only choose my own toppings for my ice-cream. 🙁


It’s good for photo taking especially in Singapore because even though it is really hot here, the ice-cream survived my numerous shots without melting.


The chocolate coating is very thick! (Maybe that’s why it doesn’t melt~) Too thick for my liking.


The toppings I chose were sweet. Too sweet.


$7 for this experience, I doubt I would try it again. 


Service could really be better.



Speaking of which, since we wanted to sit down in the store to enjoy our ice-cream, we had to order something else so this was what we had.



Didn’t remember much of it (taste wise) but the plating was nice. 

Signing off my blogging from my ipad mini. 🙂


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