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MLBB X Transformers Skins Event 2022 – Mobile Legends

I have noticed an influx of readers for the Mobile Legends X Transformers Skins event and thus, I am making this post. The previous Transformers MLBB Invitation Code post has nothing to do with this current event that is happening right now.

And the reason I have yet to share this event is because it is mostly a paid to play event where you need to spend in order to get the skins. Quite similar to the previous Sanrio event but at the very least, there were still some freebies from Sanrio even if you do not spend.

Therefore, for this, I am mostly just going to touch on the free items you may get.


Transformers Battle For Energon:

You need to complete Daily and Weekly Tasks in order to collect free Energon Cubes. These cubes collected let you get freebies such as Transformers emotes, graffiti which are of limited use, meaning they will disappear after say 3 days.
The only thing that is permanent is the Transformer Border Choice box, and you can collect this when you hit 250 Energon Cubes. Here you can choose either the Autobot or the Decepticon borders. I think this is from the last event because when I tried to open the box, I already have the Autobot one, when you chose sides for the last event, so I got the Decepticon border this time.

For the Energon Cubes, you just need to claim them under Rewards as you complete them. Upon collecting 900 Energon Cubes, you can receive a Free Transformers Pass. This pass enables you to make 1 free draw at the MLBB X Transformers Gacha Event.


Free Transformer Pass:

If you had pre-registered for the event beforehand, you can collect 1 Free Transformer Pass today, 28th May 2022. Remember to claim it under Events > Free Transformers Pass


That’s it for the free stuff. πŸ™
If you do spend on MLBB, then continue to read on.


MLBB X Transformers Token:

If you do recharge your diamonds, then try to do so these 3 days because you can receive free Transformers Passes if you recharge. As it is already near the end of May, if you have not used up your Monthly Epic Bundle recharge, I would suggest for you to do that here and now, because with just that recharge, you are able to get 10 Free Transformers Passes.

From what I have observed from the Sanrio event, there is usually another such bonus recharge event near the end of the whole Transformers event, and it will be June then, so remember to save your monthly recharge till that event if you really want a Transformers skin.

For Transformers, there are a total of 3 recharge events to date, and currently, the 3rd and final recharge event is running so be sure to recharge these 3 days if you want to receive at least the Grimlock skin for Roger.


Transformers Scratchcard:

If you have diamonds, you can try out this event where you purchase Transformers Pass with diamonds and you can receive 1 Scratch card chance with each token purchase. From the winners list, you can see that you are able to win Transformers skins from the Scratch cards.


MLBB X Transformers Skins Gacha:

I like Transformers but I am not that interested in this event because all the heroes that have the Transformers skins are not heroes that I usually use. XP

However, if you are interested to try and get, do try to draw at least 10 times, because there is a guaranteed chance of getting Grimlock Transformer Skin in your first 10 draws.

This is to say, if you draw 10 times, you WILL DEFINITELY get the Grimlock Skin on your 10th draw. FYI, Grimlock Skin is for Roger.


Prize Pool of Transformers Skins
– X.Borg = Bumblebee
– Roger = Grimlock
– Aldous = Starscream
– Granger = Megatron
– Johnson = Optimus Prime
– Popol and Kupa = Soundwave & Ravage


So which ones are you interested in getting? I like Bumblebee so if I draw, I hope I will get him. πŸ˜‰

All the best of luck in getting your desired skins! πŸ™‚
Meanwhile, stay safe!




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