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Long time no see~~

Long time no see! Broken English and direct translation from Chinese… but the idea is there and it is literal. πŸ™‚

Been quite some time since I last updated. Checked and the last post was in July and before that, it was on my birthday in January!

This post makes it seem like I am updating triannually but it’s really just being busy and largely lazy. πŸ˜›
Maybe I have also sort of forgotten about this site since most of my updates previously are games related and I have to say that I stopped playing One Piece Treasure Cruise because it is only installed on my mini iPad and mostly because I can’t seem to transfer it over to my iPhone without losing the gems I have collected and saved. Also, I have been using my iPad for watching movies and catching up on dramas while playing other games on my phone so I can’t really play Treasure Cruise while watching.

That said, I managed to catch up on all episodes of the One Piece anime and also caught up on reading the manga. That is a huge and happy achievement! πŸ˜€

As for One Piece Dance Battle, I simply got bored after a while. However, it is still on my phone as per some other games which I might start playing again one fine day.

I do get bored of games after playing them for sometime especially when they don’t intrigue me but I also do go back to play the games after a hiatus, usually when my level is already high.

Went back to play Hay Day for about two weeks then I was bored again. Same goes for Sims FreePlay. Also started on a number of new games but none could keep me hooked except for Sim City, though not for that long since I stopped for a while already. I am sure I will get back to the game (one fine day), just need a break for now.

I am still playing Clash of Clans, on and off but mostly just collecting elixir and gold, and not so much of attacking. Currently I am playing another game which I have played for many months. Hopefully I will be hardworking enough to introduce it in another post.
As for Candy Crush, I played diligently when I first started. Like everyone else, I was utterly hooked. Then all of a sudden, I stopped. And I stopped for more than a year! Even though it has been on my iPad mini and my new iPhone, I didn’t touch it until recently. The week before last, I think. I am still playing, but the ticketing to get to the next phase is really a bother, as after stopping for so long, I have no idea which of my friends are still playing so I have to wait. And waiting is really quite irritating when you are in the mood to play!

During my hiatus here, the most unexpected thing I did was that I went back to play an online game that I used to play more than 10 years back! I tried to log in to my account but it didn’t work, because it has been too long. :X Emailed customer service and they were fast (luckily!) so I signed up for a three months membership immediately and started playing. Didn’t keep me hooked too long simply because phone games are really more convenient and I can’t multitask when I am playing a multiplayer game. XD

Oh! the game I am talking about is Runescape. I could only play legacy because I didn’t want to waste time understanding and learning the new interface and skills. =X

Ok… I think this post is getting too long. Should stop soon but before I do, does anyone have any good or fun mobile games to introduce? I prefer puzzle, action, war and quests kind of games. πŸ˜‰

Just saw my previous post on banana pancake making and I think I am going to try it out. Will share it after I did.

I will also try to do a few more updates before 2015 ends. XD

For throwback Thursday, let me share this beautiful view that I saw during work and this was what I shared on instagram:

Saw this beautiful scenery during work~ As grass is always greener on the other side, I forget how pretty Singapore actually is~ 😊

Have a great week! XD

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