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Link Grabpay To Your Shopback For Extra 5% Cashback

Hey guys,

Grabpay is now available on Shopback. However, it can only be used for purchasing vouchers and deals on the app itself. At least that seems to be so for now.

They are currently having a promotion where you can enjoy an extra 5% cashback for every voucher purchased.

Just in time for Double 12. Are you ready for Double 12? 🤑

I know I am… not. 😂 Been too busy to check out promotions etc.

However, if you like buying vouchers and deals like I do, this is definitely worth checking out during this period.

This extra 5% cashback ends on 14 December 2021.

On top of that when you purchase online and in-store vouchers, you can receive the usual cashback from Shopback and even Grabrewards points.

In order to enjoy it, first of all, you need to have a Shopback account. If you don’t, you can start your account and earn $5 bonus cashback by entering my referral code: 9PkpLq

or clicking directly on the link to sign up.

If you already have an account with Shopback/ Shopback Go, then there are two ways to link your Grabpay account.

1) Click on the Account icon on the bottom right of your homepage. (boxed in blue in the pic below) Locate “Add/Manage Payment Methods” right under your cashback details. Click on that and you can see all your cards or paylah that you have added. Scroll right down to the bottom and you will see “Add Grabpay” account. Just follow through the instructions and you are done. (I will put a summarised version of How To Link GrabPay below.)

This method is always valid. You do the same if you need to add Paylah! or other credit/ debit cards.

Alternatively, there is another way to add for now. For now because after the campaign is over, the banner will no longer be there.

2) You can click on Shopback Go (In-store icon) as shown in the pink box below to go to the Shopback Go page.

From there, scroll through the featured campaigns banners till you see the New Launch Grabpay banner. Click on it.

You will be brought to this page where you can see the details on this promotion.

Click on Link Now to add your Grabpay account. Click on “How Grabpay works with Shopback” to see a detailed rundown of how to link your Grab account.

How To Link Your Grabpay Account To Shopback

1) Click on Add Grabpay Account (Pay using your GrabPay wallet balance)

2) Enter your mobile number registered to your Grab account and follow the instructions.

3) Click “Link Grabpay” button.

4) Your Grabpay account has been added.

5) Select GrabPay as your preferred payment method when you purchase vouchers.

Just a note to remember to turn on all your Challenges before purchasing tomorrow on 1212.

For more details on Shopback or Shopback Go, refer to my previous posts:

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Enjoy buying, saving and earning cashback! 🤑

Be safe! 😷

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