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[Limited Time] Pokemon Go Research 38 – Lunar New Year (Tauros)

This is a limited time research which I usually don’t record, because I might not be able to finish it in time, but since it’s to get Tauros, I will try to give it a go. 😉


Lunar New Year – Part 1

You get Charmander.

Then you get Goldeen.

The first reward is Miltank.

Lunar New Year – Part 2

You get Torchic.

You get Magikarp.

Then your reward is Tauros.


Lunar New Year – Part 3

You get Tepig.

Then you get Seaking.

And finally, you get Miltank. Arghhh! It’s not a shiny. I like the blue shiny Miltank.


Lunar New Year – Part 4

This might take me a while because of the 12 great curveballs part. 😅


You get Darumaka first.

Then you get Meditite.

Finally, you will receive the Tauros.

This marks the end of the Lunar New Year Research. 🧧🎍

Sadly, I didn’t manage to get Shinys for either the Miltank or the Tauros.

Happy Chinese New Year! 🍊🍊

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