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I got the Galarian Ponyta! XD – Pokemon Go

Yep! Like what the title says, I got the Galarian Ponyta! 🤩

Totally didn’t expect it as I looked it up a day ago and realised that the Galarian Ponyta is a type of Ponyta. I read that you can only get it in Pokemon Sword and Shield for the Nintendo Switch. Since I don’t own a switch, I thought it’s not possible to get it.

And yet, suddenly, voila~


My egg hatched and there it is.


I got it from a 7km egg, and 7km eggs are those that you can receive from gifts given by friends.

Oh, and my ponyta is from Bangladesh. 😍


If you want more friends or to receive eggs from overseas, check out my post on Pokemon Go – Add Friends.

Feel free to either add the people on the list or to leave your name and id for others to add you. Just leave them in comments and I will add you to the list. 😊

It’s a start of a Happy New Year! ✌🏻🐮

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