One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

[Event] The Legendary Navy Man’s Fist of Justice 01 – One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

There is a new event called The Legendary Navy Man’s Fist of Justice, featuring Monkey D Garp who is a marine Vice Admiral, also known as Luffy’s grandpa.

Since this is the first event that I am sharing, I am going to do a quick walkthrough of it and showing all the stages and rewards that I received. It will be broken down into a few posts as it’s images heavy.

First of all, to access the event, there are three ways.

Whenever you login, the News section will pop out, and under News is where you will be able to click on the Events that are happening, including this current one.

As shown, this event runs from 19th February 4pm till 9th March 8.59am Singapore time.

I did a check on the time as in the event description, it’s shown as:

Event Period
02/19/2021 08:00 UTC – 03/09/2021 00:59 UTC

The second and third ways to access the event is from homepage.

Second way is to click on the scrolling banner of the event displayed at the bottom left (boxed in pink) and the third way is to click on the Events icon at the bottom right, boxed in red.

When you click on Events, you will be shown all current ongoing events, and there is a countdown timer with each of them.

For events, you are usually able to get a new event related bonbon and also event points.

You can then exchange the reward points in the Reward Shop for the event bonbon, in this case [Shave] Coby, Recruit Ticket, Skill Tickets and other game items like transponder snail, decor coins, bomb, rainbow, berries (beli/ coins).

Usually I will exchange them for the event bonbon and skill tickets, as skill tickets are hard to get. The first recruit ticket for 5 event points is worthed it though.

There are also certain event bonus bonbons that can help you during this event, either with a boost in stats or event points.

Also, usually there will also be a new bonbon festival (gacha) linked to each event, where you can get new and strong bonbons that will really help in completing the event.

I tried it out and only managed to receive one featured bonbon, Helmeppo which I don’t really find useful.

And the featured bonbons are:

4 Stars Monkey D Garp

3 Stars Helmeppo:

4 Stars Eneru:

4 Stars Sir Crocodile:

The drop rates for various bonbons starting from 4 stars are also listed. The below is just a sample as the list is way too long for me to screen grab.

Although these featured and event bonbons will certainly help in completing the whole event, it is not necessary.

I will explain more in the next post.

To be continued…

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