Mayday 五月天 - My favourite rock band from Taiwan. Formed in 1997 and released their first album in 1999. Mayday consists of Monster, Ashin, Stone, Masa, Ming and You. XD

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    Chinese New Year Eve 2021 With Mayday

    Today is Chinese New Year Eve and this is something I always look forward to every year. Counting down to Chinese New Year 2021 with Mayday!   You can watch it live here on my blog or click on the link below to watch on Bin Music’s Youtube:   In Chinese it’s called 五月天陪你守歲. From what I remembered, 守歲 (shou sui) is a tradition because in ancient times, there is this monster called Nian which wrecks havoc and eats animals and humans at night so people stayed up late together with feasts to prepare and fend it off, protecting everyone in the village. From young, I remember my parents…

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    Vaideology in Chinese (Taiwan First Edition)

    Just saw Steve Vai on Hell’s Kitchen and recalled that I have yet to post this~ The first pics that I took with my new phone~ ❤️ The Chinese version of Vaideology that he coordinated for release~ 🤘🏻 Didn’t go online those few days and I totally missed the preorder so the limited edition first print with his autographed signature picks were already long out of stock by the time I realised~ I was so disappointed but luckily for me, when it comes to him, there is still a bit of luck plus way too much determination, and I managed to get it at an even lower price than original~…

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    Back up!! and Back up your back ups~ 😅 and 5 days to go! XD

    26 may 2018 The day when two years plus of memories crashed on me! 😭 I am still trying to revive/ recover it hopefully~ It’s a huge deal for bad memory me… 🤦🏻‍♀️ On the bright side, luckily I wasn’t diligent enough to finish uploading all I wanted to post and also clearing my phone so I still have some left! 😅 However, everything taken with my camera are gone. 😭 For this to happen to me, it’s really unexpected. Not because I didn’t think that I would be that “lucky” but purely because I always try to do double back up. Yet for this, I didn’t. Why? Because this…

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    22 days to Mayday concert at F1 Singapore 2014!!! XD

    Every year when there is an F1 race coming, there will be huge posters all around reminding us of it but the most unique would be the live countdown timer.  The first time I saw it, I was impressed but seeing that every year becomes a norm and a mental note to avoid the area during the race weekend because other than crowds, it’s still crowds.  However, this year I am looking forward and counting down to F1 because my favourite Taiwan rock band Mayday is coming!!! XD They will be performing on 19th September, Friday!!! 😀 Robbie Williams, Ziggy Marley and Pet Shop Boys on 20 September, Saturday and…

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    Do You Ever Shine Japanese Song and Lyrics – Mayday (五月天)

    Today I am sharing this Japanese song by a favourite Taiwanese Band of mine. If you are following my blog, you will probably hear more about them in the future because I love them! XD They are called Mayday which doesn’t mean SOS but rather a literal translation from their Chinese name 五月天 where 五月 means May and 天 means sky. I have no idea why they are not called May Sky but doesn’t Mayday sound so much better? XP The reason I am sharing this is purely because I need a place to keep the lyrics where I can access anywhere, anytime since I am trying to learn this…