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Amex True Cashback Card Referral Code – American Express Credit Card

This is a time limited referral promotion by American Express (Amex) for the True Cashback Credit Card.

You will be able to receive $50 CapitaVouchers if you sign up with my referral code through the below link.

My Referral Code: 0NZP


Other than using my referral code, the other requirement that is needed to receive the $50 CapitaVouchers is to spend at least $500 in the first month of card membership.

If you are interested to find out more, continue reading, or else to sign up, visit the website and then key in my referral code: 0NZP



Continue and you will be notified that the referral code is valid.

Then, proceed to click on Apply for the True Cashback Card Now! at the top of the page.



Check the eligibility requirements to apply for the credit card by clicking on the arrow to open up the tab. If you are eligible to apply for it, you can then proceed.


Choose either to apply with My Info where you need to login with your SingPass account or you can also enter your information manually.

I would suggest that you sign up with My Info because if you prefill up to 50% of the application form with My Info, you can get $20 Dairy Farm Group vouchers upon your first spend.

This specific promotion ends on 30 June 2021.


This whole referral promotion is from 12 April to 31 July 2021. Your card needs to be approved before 31 July 2021.


Benefits of the Amex True Cashback Credit Card:

1) Earn 3% Cashback on your first $5000 spend within the first 6 months.

2) After the first 6 months, you can earn 1.5% Cashback on all eligible purchases.

3) Unlimited Cashback on all (eligible) purchases

– Although it says eligible spend, I have not met with instances where the spending is non-eligible for cashback, except for the usual installments, top up of ezlink cards etc. You can refer to the end of this post for the link to check.

4) Additional 1% Cashback on purchases in foreign currency
– You will need to register for this after you receive your card, before you can earn the additional cashback.

Register for it here:

5) Receive up to $100 CapitaVouchers when you apply via My Info and meet the $500 spend requirement in the first month.

6) No minimum spend and no maximum cap on Cashback earned

7) No categories to track

– You don’t have to pay attention to whether the item purchased is in travel or beauty because you will earn the same cashback of either 3% (1st 6 months) or 1.5%.

8) Immediate Cashback

– Same month statement as your purchases. This means that it is auto deducted in the same month. Some banks only reflect the cashback in the following month.

9) Buy your air ticket with this card and you can receive free travel insurance benefits of up to $350k.


Eligibility To Apply For The Amex True Cashback Credit Card:

  • Over 21 years old
  • Singapore citizens: Annual income over S$30,000
  • Expatriates: Minimum annual income over S$60,000


Amex True Cashback Credit Card Annual Fees

– Main Card annual fee waived for the first year
– First 2 Supplementary Cards fee permanently waived


This card is good to use for cashback, especially during the first 6 months because of the high 3% cashback rate. It is especially useful if you are planning to spend a big sum because you will receive $150 back if you spend the maximum limit of $5000 in the first 6 months.

Also, there is no minimum spend needed to earn the cashback so you don’t have to worry about not getting the rebate because you can’t reach the minimum requirement.

The downside of the American Express card, as per all Amex cards is that not all vendors/ retailers accept Amex. This is especially for online, as most retailers in Singapore accept most cards including Amex.


Things to note:

– This promotion is for those who are new to American Express

– You need to sign up with my referral code through the link below.

My Referral Code: 0NZP

Referral Sign Up Link:

– Your card has to be approved before 31 July 2021.

– Promotion period is 12 April to 31 July 2021

– Meet minimum spend of $500 on eligible purchases in the first month

To check non-eligible purchases, visit:

– Apply with My Info so that you can receive extra $20 vouchers. This ends on 30 June 2021.


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