One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

Ace’s Fire Fist Theme Park Decorations (Part 3) – One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

You will be able to view the featured Decorations from the Decorations Gacha page so that you know what you can receive.

Under Decoration Showroom at the top right, you can find them.

This is the hardest to get with only 0.4% drop rate.

It is also the only S graded decoration.

Ace’s Mountain Coaster is the one I mentioned right at the start that I wanted, which is why I have been playing this gacha so many times. 😂

A grade Western Stage:

A grade Flame-Flame Bumper Cars:

The drop rates can also be found here.

You can see that the crate below is different from the first crate I posted.

That was a normal wooden crate which shows that you have only received normal decorations.

And this is a golden crate which means there is a good decoration of A grade and higher. I think B grade still gives you the normal wooden crate.

Therefore, from just the crate you can see if you got the better decorations.

And here I received an A grade decoration.

Flame-Flame Bumper Cars – A


Flame-Flame Shooting Range: B


Forgot to screengrab earlier.

Fire Fist Hammer Game: B

This is nice!


Nothing new so summary again.


And again~


Clicked too fast so did not screengrab again.

Arghhh! I really want the roller coaster.

Flame-Flame Freefall Ride: B

Flame-Flame Fruit Monument: B



Woohoo!!! Finally!!

This is super cool and cute. Didn’t see any fire though. It would be way cooler if there was.

Ace’s Mountain Coaster – S


Got my roller coaster and probably all that there is to get in this gacha. Now I just have to move my bonbons to another island and decorate there.

I just wished there was an easier way to remove all the decorations and bonbons from the current island instead of doing it one by one.

The islands really need to be way bigger too.

Hopefully they will revamp that if not it is quite useless now. 😅 Other than for show, it has totally no use or effect but yet it’s not big enough to show everything. 🤪

Till the next time~

Keep safe!! 😷

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