One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

Ace’s Fire Fist Theme Park Decorations (Part 1) – One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

This theme is really cute and I really wanted the Ace’s Fire Fist Theme Park Rollercoaster so I decided to keep a record of it as I played many times.

At the Decorations Gacha page you will be able to see the drop rates and the different decorations you can receive.

You will need Decor Coins to play gacha for the new decorations and I would advise that you save them for new gachas instead of those daily decorations that you find in the shops.

I am only going to keep a record of new decorations.



There are two ways to access the Decorations Gacha and I am going to show you how below.


The first way is from the homepage.

Click on Recruit.


This will lead you to all the bonbons gacha. From here, click on Decorations Crates at the bottom right corner.


The other way is to access through your Bonbon Island at the bottom right of your homepage.


When you are in your bonbon island, look out for Crates at the bottom left corner.

Clicking on that will bring you to the decorations gacha.


This is what you need for the decorations gacha.

10 Decor Coins = 1 Crate (1 Item)

100 Decor Coins = 1 Crate (10 Items)

You will be prompted a confirmation to continue.



Tap the screen.


A crate will arrive.

You can actually tell how good the gifts are from the look of the crates. Below I receive a wooden crate which means the decorations I received are just normal.

That also means there are no A decorations.


Flame-Flame Bench – C


Western House – C


Western Wagon Stall – C


Hammock of Ace’s Memories – C

This is quite cute.


Summary of what I received.


Second round:


Topiary Ace – C


Ace’s Banner – C


Ace’s Fashion Hat Stall – C


Flame-Flame Balloons – B


Western Bridge – C


Western Spring Rider – B






To be continued…

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