• Live To Eat~

    Fried Crabsticks With Airfryer – My 1st Attempt Chinese New Year 2022

    Today is the 11th day of Chinese New Year. 🍊🍊 I finally attempted to make fried crab sticks~ 😂 As I have already finished the two bottles that my aunt made for me, 😬 and I was curious how it will turn out with the air fryer~   My 1st attempt wasn’t too bad, with 2/3 yummy, 😋 which I have already finished… 😅 and 1/3 tasted too dry (I call it chao da) for my liking~ 😵‍💫 I will probably make more after I have finished eating the “chao da” (burnt) batch, and when my torn sensitive skin on my hands due to washing heals too. 🤨 If I…

  • It's My Life~

    人日快樂!XD – 2022農曆新年初七

    用剛裝好的玩具祝大家: 人日快樂~ 天天快樂!😄 🍊🍊 It’s the 7th day of the Lunar New Year, also known as Ren Ri in Chinese, which is celebrated as the birthday of all human beings so… Happy Birthday! 🥳 Happy Chinese New Year! 🧧 Have a great year! 😘

  • Mayday

    Chinese New Year Eve 2021 With Mayday

    Today is Chinese New Year Eve and this is something I always look forward to every year. Counting down to Chinese New Year 2021 with Mayday!   You can watch it live here on my blog or click on the link below to watch on Bin Music’s Youtube: https://youtu.be/M_Eq0OB-xEU   In Chinese it’s called 五月天陪你守歲. From what I remembered, 守歲 (shou sui) is a tradition because in ancient times, there is this monster called Nian which wrecks havoc and eats animals and humans at night so people stayed up late together with feasts to prepare and fend it off, protecting everyone in the village. From young, I remember my parents…

  • Sharing Is Caring XD

    Free Ang Bao & Mahjong Set – Shopback Chinese New Year

    Want ang baos (red packets) worth up to $8? 🧧Or winning a mahjong set for the upcoming Chinese New Year? 🀄️ I just found out about this today so I am sharing it immediately. 😊 Shopback is giving away one ang bao worth up to $8 or a chance to win a limited edition Shopback mahjong set daily, from 11th January to 18th January and 2nd February to 8th February. No purchase is needed. 🥳 All you have to do in login to your shopback account and redeem it. If you don’t have a Shopback account yet, sign up with my referral link below. Shopback Invitation Link/ Referral Code: 9PkpLq…