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Shopback UOB March Scratch Cards Cashback Up To $100

Good morning Sunday! β˜€οΈ

It’s already March! I still think time passes way too fast. πŸ˜…

Shopback has new promotion campaigns for March which is what I am going to share today. 😊

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I am first going to share this scratch cards cashback promotion with Shopback and UOB.

To see all the new promotions I am talking about, you need to go to Shopback Go.

I am using an iphone so the interface of the app may be slightly different for android users.


On your main page/ homepage, look for Shopback Go icon, shown as Go.

Look out for the Sure-Win Scratch Card banner.

Click on that and you can see this March Special Promotion.

There are two parts to this promotion.


1) Buying Deals

You can get 5 scratch cards per week, and win a cashback of $0.48 to $8.

And there is no minimum spend required.

When you click on it, you will be brought to this page.

All you need to do is buy deals and you can get a scratch card from your 2nd deal onwards. Your progress will be shown below on the Loyalty Reward.

This shows 1 Mar to 7 Mar because this is my progress this week. As the promotion runs for the whole month, I believe it will be reset on 8 March.


2) UOB – Buy Deals or Spend In-Store

The second part is by UOB and Shopback. You will need to link your UOB card to Shopback Go, then you can either buy deals or spend in-store WITH your UOB card.

3 scratch cards per week, with no minimum spend and you can win $0.50 to $100!

You MUST link your UOB card first before purchasing or payment in order to earn these scratch cards.

As shown below, I have already gotten one scratch card so it appeared as dark yellow, confirmed.


Important thing to note is that once you receive your scratch cards, either the Shopback Go or the UOB scratch cards, you will need to scratch them within 48 hours.

If you have notifications set up for your app, you will receive a notification when you receive the scratch cards.

If not, you can go to your Earn More tab in the app and click under Rewards to find your cards.

There are also two other banners which you can click on to go to the Shopback Go $8 scratch card page and the UOB $100 scratch card page, but I prefer the previous banner because you can access both.

Shopback Go $8:

UOB $100:

One quick way to get scratch cards will be to buy deals using your UOB card. This way, you will be able to get both the Shopback Go and the UOB scratch cards, just by buying one deal.

However, this is provided that it’s your second deal purchase onwards, because for the first deal that you buy, you won’t receive the Shopback Go card.

Both promotions run from 1 March to 31 March.


Finally, this other new promotion lets you enjoy a boost of up to 40% in your cashback.

Look out for the below banner Tap Boost to enjoy up to 40% Cashback.

Click on it and you will be led to the page where you can see how it works, and either Find Outlets Near You (click on first banner) or click on Boost Now to boost the cashback for restaurants from Paradise Group.

I am using Paradise Group as an example where you will need to click on Boost (green tab circled in pink below) before you make your payment at the restaurants, in order to get the boosted cashback stated.

This promotion runs from 5 to 21 March.


If you want to sign up for Shopback or Shopback Go, use this link:


If you want to know how to sign up or find out more, you can refer to my previous posts.

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Have fun buying, winning and eating! ✌🏻

Good luck! 🀞🏻 Stay safe~ 😷

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