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Shopback/ Shopback Go 9.9 Cashback Upsize – September 2021

I haven’t been sharing Shopback/ Shopback Go promotions for a while because I don’t find them attractive enough.

However, for 9 September, there are quite a few I have got my eye on and there also seem to be more brands with upsized cashback this time. Thus, I am sharing it.


However, you will need to have a Shopback account already. If you don’t, you can sign up with my referral code to get $5 bonus cashback.

Shopback Go Referral Code: 9PkpLq


If you already do, then these are what you can get upsized cashback and special deals for tomorrow.

Do take note that you will HAVE TO CLICK THROUGH SHOPBACK to go to the online shops in order to earn your cashback.

Also check out the cashback T&Cs for that particular store before purchasing as some of them have special requirements like not purchasing through app etc.

On 9 September, there will be different promotions with different cashback and special deals every two hours starting from 12am midnight till 2am, then starting again from 10am all the way to 12 midnight.

Looking at the chart above, if you want to buy something from Adidas, usually you will only be able to receive 3% cashback, but if you buy during 12am to 2am tomorrow, you can get an upsized cashback of 10%.

It’s a great difference because if you spend $100, instead of getting back $3, you get back $10. If you spend more, the more rebate you get.

Some stores do have a cap which you can check from under the store in the Shopback app itself.

This is also a good time to stock up on those vouchers that you need, as well as food deals etc.

You will be able to find the promotions in the app itself, along with other bank promotions.

Remember to check your Challenges tab, under Earn More to “activate” your challenges first before you make your purchases so that you can earn the relevant bonus cashback or enter lucky draws.

Also, remember to check the current campaigns in Shopback Go as there are  DBS/POSB and malls promotions.

As for DBS/ POSB promotion, remember to link your DBS/ POSB card to your Shopback Go account before spending.

Check my previous post if you do not know how to link it.

Shopback/ Shopback Go Referral Post

A few things to note:

– You need a Shopback Go account before you can join in all these promotions.

– If you do not have a Shopback account yet, you can get $5 bonus cashback when you sign up with my referral code: 9PkpLq

– If you already have a Shopback account but not Shopback Go, you will need to link a bank card to your account.

For more details on Shopback or Shopback Go, refer to my previous posts:

Shopback/ Shopback Go Referral Post

Shopback App Sign Up Quick Walkthrough


I am reducing on the number of images for each post now because of the bulk inodes they are adding to my hosting. However, if you refer to previous posts, you can still see each walkthrough and explanation with images clearly.

Have fun buying, saving and earning! 🥳


Please stay safe!! ✌🏻❤️

Mask up, wash your hands and social distance. The number of cases now, especially unlinked is scary. 😷

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