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Shadow Pokemons (Part 4) How To Tell [02] – Pokemon Go


Don’t tangle with us!

1) Zubat

2) Ivysaur

3) Ivysaur

Dragonite is very effective is fighting all three.

Catch a Zubat!

Are you scared of psychics that use unseen power?

1) Drowzee

2) Drowzee

3) Hypno

Dragonite is quite good against them.

Catch a Drowzee!

Coiled and ready to strike!

1) Bulbasaur

2) Muk

3) Ivysaur

Dragonite is good against all three.

Catch a bulbasaur!

You’ll be defeated into the ground!

1) Cubone

2) Marowak

3) Marowak

Mew Two is great against all.

Catch a Cubone!

ROAR! How’d that sound?

1) Dratini

2) Dragonair

3) Gyarados

Catch a dratini!

These waters are treacherous!

1) Poliwag

2) Poliwhirl

3) Poliwrath

Catch a poliwag!

Winning is for winners.

1) Squirtle

2) Charmeleon

3) Charizard

Catch a squirtle!

To be continued…

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