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[Quotes 06] First, think. Second, believe.

Are you a fan of theme parks? Disneyland?

I love theme parks and especially adore Disneyland. Walking into Disneyland makes you feel and perhaps behave like a kid again. The feeling is exceptional as you seem as though you have stepped into another world. It’s most definitely as its slogan says β€” The Happiest Place On Earth.

There are a number of Disneyland around the world and I have been lucky enough to have visited a few of them.

I have been to Hong Kong’s Disneyland several times mainly because Hong Kong is a country I often visit, and it’s nearer to Singapore as compared to the others. I have also visited those that are further away, namely the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, the one in Paris and last but not least, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea.

Out of all of them, I love Tokyo’s Disneyland and Disney Sea the most. This was where I absolutely felt like I was in another world, and the Disney characters all spoke in Japanese. I had so much fun! The food was sumptuous and I really did not want to leave after two days, while keeping in mind then that the next time I visit, I must stay for a longer time.

It definitely helps that I could understand a bit of Japanese, whereas in Paris Disneyland, everything was in French and I couldn’t understand a word. πŸ˜… I know Cantonese too but Hong Kong’s Disneyland is way too small compared to the rest.


I really miss travelling and visiting theme parks, and it doesn’t help that the only theme park over here is the Universal Studios Singapore, USS. By the way, USS is tiny which is a total different experience from the gigantic Universal Studios Hollywood. I couldn’t even finish visiting the whole place within a day the last time I went.

Therefore, today I decided to share a quote by Walt Disney.

I found two versions of this quote online where the second believe and third dream were interchanged. Not exactly sure which is the more accurate version but I prefer this so I am going to go with it.




First, think.

Second, believe.

Third, dream.

Finally, dare.

– Walt Disney



No matter which version you prefer, the most important is believing in yourself, dream on and go for it. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»


Hopefully the world will be in a better state and things will go back to normal soon so we can all start travelling again.

I have yet to visit the Disneyland in Shanghai and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. A friend and I have said that we will one day visit Walt Disney World together, and fingers crossed that we won’t have to wait too long. 🀞🏻😊

Meanwhile, be safe wherever you are. 😷

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