Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Research 1 – A Mythical Discovery (Parts 1-3)

New gameplay added for Pokemon Go: Research

but I forgot to screengrab the earlier ones (Part 1/8) so only started from 2nd quest onwards.


A Mythical Discovery – Part 2/8:

Earn 2 Candies walking with your buddy. – 1000XP

Make 10 Great Throws – 1000XP

Hatch 3 eggs – 1000XP



There are 2 types of research. Field research which you can delete/ forfeit to get something else.

You will get stamps for completing (the ones on top with the dates) but you can only get one stamp per day.


The other one is the special research which you have to complete everything to proceed.


A Mythical Discovery – Part 3/8:

Battle in 2 Raids – 1500XP



I am currently stuck at part 3 of the Mystical Research. Haven’t had time or chance to raid once more.

I assume you will get the chance to catch Mew Two when you complete the special research but since it is probably not a 100% confirmed catch, maybe upon completing the field research, it’s also Mew Two?

I am hoping so. πŸ€”


Anyway, Professor isn’t cute enough for me to remember to do screen grabs.

My leader is cuter. πŸ˜‚


Though he looks younger than from initially~ 😍🀣


To be continued…

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