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Pokemon Go Research 9 – A Spooky Message

Pokemon Go Research Part 9 – A Spooky Message

A new research came up as an event for the upcoming Halloween.

Since it is a very short research, which I think is meant just for this period of time, I have just decided that I am going to post it all in the same post.

This means that I will be updating this post with both parts 2 and 3 when I have finished whenever.

A Spooky Message: Part 1 of 3

Don’t think it will be hard to accomplish since there will definitely be quite a lot of ghost pokemon now.

The only one that is harder is probably the berries. This means you will need 108 berries in order to complete.

Upon completing part 1, I got to catch lickitung as one of the quests completion reward.



A Spooky Message: Part 2 of 3

Out of all the three, the hardest to complete would probably be spinning 8 pokestops which I haven’t visited before.

This will mean that I would need to deliberately travel to those areas which I usually don’t go. πŸ˜“ Possibility is… low~ 🀨

Catch 10 dark type pokemon reward: Misdreavus


Catch 108 Pokemon reward: Spiritomb


A Spooky Message: Part 3 of 3

Didn’t get to see any quests that I was required to complete for part 3, and I was led to this where everything is already completed.

More Spiritomb candies for powering up.

– A Spooky Message Research Completed –


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